Glavine Is A Monumental Waste

Well, with the news of the Mets signing free agent pitcher Tom Glavine, I feel a lot more secure now. The signing of a 36 year old pitcher will do wonders for the Mets, pulling them from last place all the way up to first, of course surpassing the Phillies, who just signed Jim Thome, to win the division. There is no doubt that Glavine will be on the mound for the last out of the 2003 World Series. Talk about sarcasm.

Please people; on this dreary day for both the weather and the Mets, I need some sarcasm, some humor. And by humor I mean something that is funny in the way that makes you happy, not sick to your stomach because you have just witnessed a careless baseball organization make another blunder, cough cough.

Having Tom Glavine in the rotation is like spreading frosting on top of a burnt cake. It just hides the flaws and makes the otherwise nasty experience just a little bit sweeter. I mean, come on, does anyone actually think Tom Glavine is the answer to the Mets problems right now? Granted, he is a future hall-of-famer, but he is, more importantly, a very old and expensive future hall-of-famer.

A very old and expensive hall-of-famer that will not lead this team to victory, unless of course he can make Mo Vaughn lose 40 pounds, fix the enormous flaws in Jeromy Burnitz's swing, re-sign Edgardo Alfonzo, make sure Pedro Astacio doesn't have another second-half collapse, set aside money for next year's impressive free agent class and replace the general manager who gave him this contract and put the Mets in the other problems above.

The Mets just have too many holes to compete for the next few years. Owner Fred Wilpon and General Manager Steve Phillips should realize this by now and look towards the future, which is potentially bright for the Mets. Even if Tom Glavine wins 20 games a year for the next three years (which of course is highly unlikely), with the rest of the rotation averaging 10 wins and the first basemen averaging 10 pound steaks when he goes out to eat, there is no chance the Mets will make the playoffs, especially in a division against the Phillies, who just two days ago signed former-Indian bopper Jim Thome to go along with fellow free agent David Bell and the great young players they have in Philadelphia, and the Braves, who just acquired Mike Hampton to pitch while Gary Sheffield, Chipper and Andruw Jones are in the outfield.

Next year's free agent class is astounding. Young superstar hitters such as Vladimir Guerrero and Eric Chavez will be available along with pitchers Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Javier Vazquez and Bartolo Colon (that is, until the Yankees get him).

Why waste $35 million on a player who can't help the Mets in the next two years instead of acquiring an impact free agent who has the long term potential to help turn this club around? Wilpon needs to give up his dream of winning a World Series in the Leiter/Piazza era and look to the future, for if he doesn't, the Kazmir/Reyes era won't be too bright, either.

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