Overview of Relief Pitching Prospects - Part II

The Mets lack a sure-fire closer prospect in the system. Tyler Yates (RHP) and Franklin Nunez (RHP) represent the best candidates among minor league relievers. Yates had TJ surgery in July. Nunez was claimed off waivers after an injury-plagued season and at age 26 has to be considered questionable. The best bet for a closer from the system remains converting a starting pitching prospect.

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Short Season

The Mets should have some intriguing short season relief prospects including Jeff Brewer (RHP),and Bryan King (RHP). Ryan Danly (LHP) has great potential to be a power pitcher. Mario Ramos (RHP) and Javier Pordomo (RHP) should be the best of the Latin players.

Capital City Bombers - possess decent depth. Some SP prospects are likely to begin in the bullpen, but have opportunities to return to starting later in the season as pitchers are promoted.

Player (Repertoire)


Stats (W-L, ERA, IP)


Jose Gomes



Since being brought from the DSL in 2001, he's been hurt and is recovering from TJ surgery.

Omar Anez (4-FB, SL)


(4-4, 3.88, 53)

Mid-90s FB, but control had been a serious issue in previous seasons. Poor ratio (34K/19BB).

Ronald Ogle* (4-FB, CB, CU)


(1-3, 3.28, 36)

Struggled with injuries in college and with Mets system. Great ratio (34K/7BB).

Tim McNabb


(2-3, 3.44, 34)

Good ratio (30K/12BB).

Domingo Morban*


(1-0, 6.88, 17)

Decent ratio (21K/8BB). Needs to reduce BB.

Bryan King (4-FB, SL, CU)


(0-3, 3.29, 38)&

Solid prospect. FB sinks, SL is best pitch and CU has potential. Good ratio (37K/15BB). Needs to reduce BB.

Eric Cummings


(2-1, 2.61, 10)

Late signee.

Yunior Cabrera* (4-FB, CB, CU)


(4-4, 2.42, 48)&

Plagued by shoulder pain in 2002. Caught non-fatal DR aging-itis disease. Needs to start to build arm strength, but future is likely to be in the bullpen. Outstanding CB will dominate left-handed hitters. Had nice ratio (47 K/17 BB).

Brooklyn Cyclones - also expect June 2003 players drafted out of college to be on the roster. Weir might compete for role at Columbia. But, depth at Columbia might regulate Weir to Brooklyn.

Player (Repertoire)


Stats (W-L, ERA, IP)


Jayson Weir* (4-FB, CB, SL, CU)


(0-0, 2.16, 21)&

Good athlete. 88-90 mph FB w. good sink. Good CB. Throws from 2 arm angles. Surprised he was moved to bullpen so soon. Served suspension in 2002.

Anthony Acosta


(5-1, 3.82, 38)

Control pitcher. Marginal prospect. Exceptional command (40K/ 4BB).

Robert Paulk


(3-4, 3.79, 40)

Good ratio (36K/13BB). Likely marginal prospect. Allowed 53 hits.

Jeff Brewer (FB, CU)


(1-1, 5.91, 21)

FB tails and CU has bad movement.

Taylor George


(0-3, 5.79, 47)

Poor ratio (39K/24BB).

Julio Freites


(1-4, 10.85, 34)&

Struggled mightily in US debut. HR and 25 BB the culprit.

Ryan Danly* (4-FB, CB, CU)


(2-3, 4.79, 57)&

Big lefty might be moved to the pen, low 90s FB and CB has potential. . Poor ratio (29 K/17 BB) Potential power pitcher.

Kingsport Mets - the roster will be made up of draftees, draft and follows and Latin summer league players. The list includes pitchers from the Latin Summer Leagues. The actual pitchers brought over won't be known until May.

Player (Repertoire)


Stats (W-L, ERA, IP)


Javier Pordomo


(3-3, 2.54, 39)

Great ratio (45K/8BB).

Dickson Barrios


(1-1, 0.92, 29)

Great ratio (33K/7BB)

Francisco Duran


(0-1, 3.60, 20)

Big kid. Adequate ratio (16K/8BB). Despite age, this was his 1st season.

Mario Ramos


(4-4, 2.42, 48)

Good ratio (54K/22BB). Followed up a good 1st season with a good 2nd season. Finished 2nd in league with 12 saves.

Edwin Martinez*


(3-3, 3.33, 54)

Great ratio (64K/13BB) Great 1st season might return to DSL to be converted to a starter.

· *left-handed pitcher
· & composite stats of 2 or more leagues
· age as of 4/3/03
· 4-FB – 4-seam fastball
· 2-FB – 2-seam fastball
· ct-FB – cut fastball
· spl FB – split-fingered fastball
· CB – curve
· K-CB – knuckle curve
· SL – slider
· sl SL – slurvy slider
· ct SL – cut slider
· CU – change up
· C-CU – circle change up
· ct-CU – cut change up

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