Good Morning Natstown 2/4/15

Welcome to the new Citizens of Natstown. As part of our move to Scout I will be writing a daily post informing you of my opinion on what's going on with the Nationals and around baseball. As you may have noticed I haven't been writing as much this offseason; that's because I've been waiting for this changeover. Now that we're out of purgatory I am ready to be your Virgil and guide you to paradise.

Every day I am going to give you a few of my thoughts in a couple of paragraphs and one day it might be behind the scenes stuff like this and the next it will be all baseball talk. With the big changeover having just happened and this being a new daily post I'm going to explain with this one. Essentially this post will be the above listed thoughts and then a few important links letting you know what's going on with the Nationals and around baseball. As it is still February and not much is going on with the Nationals it will be some Nats news mixed in with general baseball news. We're still feeling out this particular piece and it will evolve as the season goes on, but for now this seems like the best way to get you the most worthwhile or interesting things to read in a condensed format.

Without further ado here are your daily links:

Scott Allan at the Washington Post brings us a story of a Pennsylvania radio station dropping Phillies for Nats. Harrisburg is the AA affiliate of the Nationals and that is enough excuse for me to want to listen to a projected division winner over the projected fifth place team.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post informs us that the Nationals and Astros have taken a big step towards a shared Spring Training facility.

Yoan Moncada is a free agent says Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. This is the biggest news around the baseball world. Moncada could help a lot of clubs (all of them), but the Nationals are about to lose Ian Desmond and don't have a lot of internal options. There are few clubs that are as good a match as the Nationals but since the Yunesky Maya experience they've been reluctant to jump into the Cuban free agent market, and there is a hefty price tag attached to Moncada. Basically it would be nice if the Nats got involved in the Moncada sweepstakes but don't expect it. Want to know more about Yoan Moncada? Kiley McDaniel over at Fangraphs has you covered.

Steve Adams from MLB Trade Rumors lets us know that five to six teams are still after Cole Hamels. This trade has taken so long to consummate that I'm ready to declare the offseason over once it goes down.

And finally the biggest and most important news of the day. The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired former Nats legend Steve Lombardozzi. --Bill Brink, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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