Good Morning Natstown 2/9/15

It's Monday and we all know what that means. You're tired and annoyed that it's no longer the weekend, but starting next week teams will begin reporting to Spring Training. Baseball is that close. It's been a long cold lonely winter but just like the song says here comes the sun.

As far as baseball news goes not much happened over the weekend, but we'll get to that in the links below. My weekend was pretty good. How was yours? I tried the reopened 29 Diner in Fairfax. The bacon cheeseburger was really good and I think it's time we talked about cheeseburgers. People think of them as an unhealthy food but doctors are now telling people fat isn't the enemy and think of all the nutrients contained in a cheeseburger. Obviously they're full of protein from the meat and cheese, the cheese also contains calcium, most of them come with tomatoes which are rich with vitamin C, if you get the burger medium or below there will be iron rich blood, and let's not forget the whole grains in the bun. This sounds like a superfood to me.

Will Leitch from Sports On Earth gives us a list of interesting folks in the NL East, and you'll never guess who he lists for the Nationals. Ok, it's Strasburg and Harper. This is really the interesting thing about the Nationals. Around the country baseball fans want to watch Harper and Strasburg and some of those people hate-watch, but these are the needle movers on the Nationals. Locally it's hard to find players that the casual fans are more disinterested in. Just ask @MASNCommenter.

Speaking of controversial figures. Does anyone remember when Jayson Werth had one of the worst contracts in baseball? That's right, right after he signed it and 2011. Since then he's been worth every penny, at the least.--Andrew Bailey, Red Porch Report

Continuing with the crazy large contracts theme Tony Paul of The Detroit News brings us a story on Max Scherzer clarifying his comments and that he does think the Tigers can win. Wonder if this interview was done before or after the Victor Martinez injury.

Coming across the Sports Illustrated wire is a report that the Padres have offered James Shields and contract and a deal might be close at hand. It could even be completed by the time you read this.

If this baseball thing doesn't work out for Bryce Harper he could join the long drive competition circuit. Seriously this guy has scary strength. Did you see his postseason home runs. The first season Harper makes it through fully healthy is going to be the first season he finishes top five for MVP.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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