Good Morning Natstown 2/10/15

The Padres and Marlins have been the big movers and shakers this offseason, but does it matter. Let's think about it. The Padres were the second best run prevention team in the NL in 2014, but had the worst offense in the NL. That isn't a good way to win.

So the trades for Upton, Myers, and Kemp addressed the lack of offense and then added Shields which helps to boost an area on the team that was already a strength. The Marlins in theory did the same thing but I don't buy their moves being anything other than lateral moves. I would say more about this but you can read all of them on that subject in the upcoming Citizens of Natstown Annual.

With James Shields off the board the offseason is in its waning days, and that can only be a good thing. Every Winter feels longer and longer and every baseball season shorter and shorter. I have to admit that I know there is going to be a time in August or September where I'm tired of blocking off three hours or more a night to watch baseball and will miss all this free time I've enjoyed during the Winter, but today I was incredibly bored and could have used some baseball as a distraction.

Of all the new traditions in baseball teams announcing when a truck is loaded with equipment and sent to Florida or Arizona is one of the worst. --Bill Ladson,

Neil Greenberg in his Fancy Stats blog over at makes the case that Max Scherzer gives the Nationals more value than James Shields gives the Padres. I'm a Nats fan and hoping for the best, but let's be honest here really long deals for pitchers don't work out. Just ask Kevin Brown, Mike Hampton, or Barry Zito

Also from the Washington Post Barry Svrluga looks at the key questions facing the AL and NL East clubs. The biggest question for the Nationals is is this the year Bryce Harper finally breaks out. I mean this guy only has some of the best stats ever produced by a player through their age 21 season, but until he's the best player on the Nats and an MVP candidate that won't be enough to satisfy everyone.

During the baseball season I often enjoy a good trip to the minor leagues and with the Orioles and Nats affiliates playing in the same leagues it can be useful to know who the oppositions top prospects are while they're jobbing to the Nats. Or you could just want to check out some minor league ball. Harry Grove Stadium is nice and Black Hog BBQ just down the road is delicious, and there's a DuClaw brewhouse in Bowie if you choose to go there.--Ryan Sullivan,

When you sign one player to a $210 million contract you end up spending the most in free agency even if you sign only one other player.--Cork Gaines, Business Insider

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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