Good Morning Natstown 2/11/15

A month or so ago my computer kicked the bucket and so it was off to buy a new computer. After all this time of having this new computer I'd never bothered to check iTunes for anything. Suffice it to say once I did I noticed there was nothing and Apple does not make it easy to upload anything from an iPod to iTunes.

I had to pay $20 for a third party program to listen to music I had bought and why did I wait so long you might ask. I've been listening to Pandora and just suddenly remembered how awesome of an album Master of Puppets was and just want to listen to it in its entirety.

One day we're going to have to all explain to our children what albums were and how music wasn't always free flowing based on your tastes and people wanted to just listen to 10-15 songs by one artist. Those times aren't that far away. We may even have to explain all this to O'Hara on the next podcast. By the way Master of Puppets is the greatest album of all time. Even Kanye would run on stage to tell Beyonce that one.

If you want to read a Nats preview other than the always excellent Citizens of Natstown annual here is one from

Lock up your daughters and pitches just off the plate because Jayson Werth is a free man--Tom Schad, Washington Times

From Bill Ladson at Danny Espinosa is going to give up switch hitting. It is the last act of a desperate man and it is doubtful that a person that's rarely seen a breaking ball break away from him will know how to deal with it, but Espinosa has already proven his ability as a defensive star and platoon hitter. With those two skills alone he'll always have a place on someone's bench.

Julio Franco loves baseball. He loves it so much that instead of being a hitting coach or minor league coordinator for one of the many teams he played with during his long career he is playing semi-pro ball in Japan at the age of 56. I don't know what you're planning to do at 56 but I bet it isn't play semi-pro ball in Japan.--Israel Fehr, Yahoo Sports

Former Nats closer and the player that brought them Wilson Ramos, Matt Capps signs with the Braves.--Aaron Gleeman, Hardball Talk

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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