Good Morning Natstown 2/12/15

This week truly feels like the calm before the storm. We know that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training next week and there are only minor league free agent deals left to be signed at this juncture in the offseason. Add that all up and this week feels extra light on news.

Next week will feature a deluge of articles about who showed up to camp early and who's in the best shape of their lives and other such stories, but this week is the dead zone and not even the fun kind where we can see how people die.

Without much going on in the baseball world I'll let you know how my day went. It was pretty good until I got home, put my key in the door, and it and the entire tumbler just spun. I ended up having to call a locksmith and he drill the lock out for me. As I joked to my father I should have used the fire extinguisher to break the handle off myself. Same result in the end and a whole lot cheaper.

From Chelsea Janes at The Washington Post Jerry Blevins defeats Nationals in arbitration, and this is how I imagine it going down. Nationals, "Jerry, you weren't very good last season you posted a 4.87 ERA." Blevins, "You say that like it's my fault that I faced 123 right handed batters to 117 left handed batters."

The headline led me to believe this Bill Ladson article was going to be far more interesting. Anyway, which under performers from 2014 could help the Nats in 2015. The promised story about Harper having a breakout season would've been way more interesting, and why is Gio Gonzalez on this list? Seriously here are Gonzalez's last five seasons by fWAR: 3.0, 3.3, 5.1, 3.1, 3.1. Now which one is out of line with career norms?

Cliff Corcoran of Sports Illustrated gives the Washington Nationals an A- on their Winter report card. When you sign the biggest free agent of the offseason sports writers are going to give you good grades.

Circle February 23 on your calendar. I mean seriously go do it right now. I can only assume you actually circled that date so I can let you know what that was all about. According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN that's the date that Yoan Moncada is going to decide who to sign with. Now when your significant other asks you why you're so excited this Saturday you can tell them it's nine days until Yoan Moncada signs.

It's almost the five year anniversary of Opening Day 2010. Remember that? It's one of the worst days of my life. I was sitting in Nats Park listening to Ryan Zimmerman getting booed by Phillies fans as he accepted his Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. That was a good time to be a Phillies fan. They were where the Nats are now. The pre-season favorite with a future that looked bright. Boy I wish I could travel back in time and show those fans this Ken Rosenthal column.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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