Good Morning Natstown 2/13/15

Arbitration cases are wrapping up, trucks are packed and headed to Florida or Arizona, and it is just about time for it to be just about time for practice games to begin. Spring Training is a great time. The games are fun in a way regular season baseball cannot be.

That goes double for the early Spring Training games when 60 players are in camp and the games begin with maybe two or three regulars and by the time the game end there are two number 84s and three 79s on the field.

The Nationals will attempt to have a very boring Spring Training and the more boring the better. This has been the case for the past couple seasons. The important battles or who will be on the bench and the final spot in the bullpen. Other than that everything is set. With a roster as complete as the Nationals the most important thing is to get out of Spring Training without any major injuries. Again talk we've heard before. The Nats over the past two seasons have failed to avoid concurrent injuries. In 2014 they got red hot after the month of May to overcome it, but couldn't in 2013. Who knows how good they can be in 2015 if they don't go a month missing half their line-up.

Admire Bryce Harper's massive biceps in this video he posted on his Instagram page.

Chelsea Janes from The Washington Post gives us the fun part of Spring Training the non-roster invitees. Mike Carp and Dan Uggla are the names to remember as they have the best shot at making the team. Tyler Moore is out of options but is also Tyler Moore and Kevin Frandsen is a fan favorite, but Dan Uggla can't do any of the things Kevin Frandsen can't do but he can take a walk and hit with power.

Janes' colleague at The Washington Post, Barry Svrluga gives his opinion that the balance of power has swung to the NL. Svrluga makes a lot of good points about the NL teams but curiously leaves out the two AL teams that played in the ALCS, the Royals and Orioles, and the AL team that finished with the best record in baseball and has the best player, the Angels.

Our blogging comrades at The Red Porch report give us the five best seasons in Nats history by fWAR. Interestingly enough three of the top five were in the last three seasons and the other two are Ryan Zimmerman.

Coming across the Sports Illustrated wire is an interesting house keeping item from baseball that the definition the strike zone might be changing. No umpire calls the defined strike zone anyway, but this isn't changing it to what they do call this is in response to too many low strikes being called. The interesting thing is the thing we here most about is pace of play and calling the strike zone as defined from the bottom of the numbers to just below the knees would speed up the game, but baseball also wants to increase offense by getting rid of the low strike to increase offense which would increase the length of games. Make up your mind baseball, faster games or more offense. It's hard to have both.

Until Monday Natstown...

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