Good Morning Natstown 2/16/15

The weather outside really makes it clear that baseball is just around the corner. One can almost imagine the boys of summer on fields of emerald green in uniforms of white trying to beat the out of towners in gray. If the weathermen are right you might even be able to make your own starting nine tomorrow to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day. I was able to get my wife exactly what she wanted, a ring with both our birthstones, and she got my Cadbury cream eggs which is exactly what I wanted. I'm a simple man. I like burgers, beer, bourbon, baseball, and Easter candy.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog brings us the ever important Nats promotion list. The 10th anniversary bobbleheads are going to be fun. I really want a Livo. Some people will be excited by the Rendon gnome and Werth Chia beard. I have to say I couldn't care less for the Chia pet thing but the gnome annoys me. I'd be all over a Rendon bobblehead, but a gnome is simply a waste of bobblehead shelf space.

Our buddy, Ryan Sullivan, talks with hitting expert Ryan Parker about Danny Espinosa giving up switch hitting, and after reading it my conclusion is it won't change Danny Espinosa in any meaningful way, but there is nothing wrong with having an excellent defender that can mash left handed pitching on the bench. The ultimate end to this is Oakland loves platoon players and the Nats and A's love making trades.

David Purdum of the world wide leader brings us the over/unders for all 30 teams. The Nats are set at 93 which is very high for an over/under bet and what would be called a sucker bet. The way it looks 93 wins would easily win the NL East, but then again the Nats get to play each NL East team 19 times. If I had to place a bet though it would be the over on the Rangers. They had a lot of injuries last season and getting more than 76.5 wins sounds very doable. Especially if Prince Fielder and Yu Darvish are healthy and one of Profar or Oder reach their potential.

Over on Nats Insider Mark Zuckerman is counting down important storylines for the Nationals and fourth up is Ryan Zimmerman's transition to first base. Zuckerman doesn't think it will be too difficult and neither do I. There are some different responsibilities at first but Zimmerman will have no issue fielding the ball and catching it from teammates and stepping on the bag shouldn't be difficult for someone with the skills of Ryan Zimmerman.

ICYMI over the weekend here is one of the most important stories written. Andrew McCutchen writing for The Players Tribune explains the economics of youth baseball, and why it is hampering the influx of talent to the game.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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