Good Morning Natstown 2/17/15

It has begun. Players have started to report to Spring Training and it is glorious. The storm of the moment descends on the Washington DC area but that means nothing. Baseball is almost here and once it is the cold and snow and winter weather will all soon be forgotten.

I'm going to admit here that I am one of those people that likes things that are fun and while the best shape of their life stories are cliche I'll never get tired of them. It might be because I'm starting to feel like I'm in the best shape of my life (I'm not), and that is because yesterday morning at the gym I surprised myself. My last set of bench is supposed to be two reps. One by myself and one with help. Yesterday I loaded up the bar with 315 lbs did the first rep, lowered it for the second and with no issue hoisted it to arms length, and then powered out a third rep with no assistance. My response to this was a Joey Lawrence style whoa. That is how shocked I was.

First up, Hillary Werth announced on her Instagram that she is creating the main piece of art that will be auctioned off by the Nationals Dream Foundation.

At Chris Johnson brings us a position preview for Nats outfielders. The Nats outfield looks good on paper with Werth, Span, and Harper projected to be worth a combined 10.1 fWAR and I wouldn't count out that they produce more. Werth has been surprisingly great offensively the last two seasons and worth 4.6 and 4.8 fWAR while Span was worth 3.4 fWAR in his sub-par 2013 season and if Bryce Harper picks up where he left off in the NLDS then the sky is the limit for him.

Mark Zuckerman continues looking at Nats Spring Training story lines by examining what Tanner Roark's role will be. No one can say for certain if he'll be a short, one inning reliever, or a multi-inning reliever, but I can tell you I'm hoping to see a couple three inning saves.

Nationals 101 also has Spring Training questions they attempt to answer. Looking at if the 25 man roster is already set. The answer is no because there is no 25 man roster until Opening Day. Also they get a lot of the battles wrong. Tyler Moore is out of options but has never proven he deserves to play in the majors while Mike Carp has been a decent right handed bench bat and can back up the same positions as Moore. They pit Uggla against Espinosa but that isn't the battle at all. Frandsen is the captain of team 25th man and isn't owed a lot of money. Frandsen is a poor defensive player, can't hit for average or power, and doesn't have a whole lot of speed. If Dan Uggla finds even an eighth of his former glory he beats out Frandsen. While Uggla can't hit for average, isn't a good fielder, and has no speed; he can take a walk and hit for power. Two things Kevin Frandsen only wishes he could do.

Finally, Craig MacHenry from The Nats Blog asks if Rendon will have a sophomore slump. Wouldn't it technically be a junior slump?

Until tomorow Natstown...

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