Good Morning Natstown 2/19/15

Good Morning Natstown! Here's your daily dose of Nats news and linkage!

Today we start off with the most important link of the year. That's right it's time for the third edition of the Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual. Buy it, love it, cherish it and remember it is perfectly portable on any tablet or mobile device. Plus if you buy it we'll give you the super secret decoder ring (no we won't).

In actual baseball news it is bad Spring Training pic season. That's right beat reporters and baseball players are gathered in the same place and the beat reporters can't wait to whip out their cellphones and snap a few pictures for you to enjoy in all their grainy glory. It's also time for the most generic stories about players or teams that you can possibly imagine. These stories are so rote that our own James O'Hara has put together version 2.0 of the Spring Training Story Creator where you can make your own stories in just a few clicks.

Cole Hamels gave an interview to USA Today's Bob Nightengale and the money quote is he just wants to win again. Which isn't going to happen with the Phillies. The self destruction of the Phillies has been one of the most entertaining stories since the 2012 season and it looks like we're reaching the climax with all the Spring Training drama surrounding that club.

After Lucas Giolito prospect lists have been all over the place on Nats prospects, and today Andrew Bailey of Red Porch Report details the seven found in Fangraphs top 200. I guess this all goes to who you want to listen to. Keith Law had six Nats prospects in his top 100 while MLB Network had three. I think what we can really learn from these prospect lists is that everyone has different opinions and they're all wrong.

Heath Bell is 40 lbs lighter and ready to compete for a spot in the Nats bullpen.--James Wagner, Washington Post. This is all very exciting news if news of extreme weight loss excites you. Otherwise this is just news and the only way Bell makes the team is if Aaron Barrett and Blake Treinen are unimpressive in Spring Training and Bell is great.

In even more exciting bullpen news or should I say Evan more (I shouldn't), Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post brings us the story of Evan Meeks quest to make the Nats bullpen. So many right handed pitchers want to be the ROOGY to Jerry Blevins LOOGY.

Nationals Baseball the blog examines if Rendon can show us what Zim should've been.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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