Good Morning Natstown 2/20/15

Mike Cameron, Tony Womack, and Jamey Carroll redux the names of just a few of the Nationals Spring Training stars of the past. They are players that signed minor league deals, showed up to Spring Training, and never made it to the main roster for one reason or another. Almost as fun as the Spring Training superstars are the story lines that never manifested.

Remember back in 2010 when the big talk of Spring Training was about if this would be the season that Elijah Dukes finally put it all together and then he was released before Spring Training even ended or if 2008 could finally be the year John Patterson stays healthy or the same a season later for Shawn Hill or how about how 2011 was going to be a big bounce back season for Nyjer Morgan or how John Lannan was going to win the fifth starters spot for the 2012 Nationals. All these season long dramas that ended before the season began, but you know hope and all that.

As far as the Nationals go this season has begun with the focus on Danny Espinosa. First he has a lizard in his shoe and then it turns out he has a Sam Elliott style mustache. It's a good thing that the Nats don't have Spring Training in Arizona or Danny Espinosa and his brothers would venture down to Tombstone to ventilate some Clantons and McLaurys. Also if you haven't purchased the Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual by now you can do so here.

Thomas Boswell blathers on about sunshine and rainbows or some such stuff. It isn't just for bad teams that hope rises in the west. I mean geez if everything goes right for the Nationals and all their starting pitchers are aces, Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth bat like it's 2010, Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon play to an MVP level, and Yunel Escobar turns out to be an excellent addition then the Nationals are going to set records.

Speaking of things going right Wilson Ramos told Mark Zuckerman that he would like to play between 120-130 games. Those are normal numbers for a starting catcher, but Wilson Ramos should start smaller. Like making it through Opening Day unharmed.

NL Rookie of the Year favorite Chelsea Janes brings us the story of how Doug Fister is honored to be a part of this great rotation.

Again from Mark Zuckerman the Washington Nationals are once again favorites, a position they should be used to by now, and they are going to have to deal with it in 2015. I've said this before and people have thought I'm crazy for it but losing teams are more fun. You're going to the ballpark because you just want to watch baseball and you can't be disappointed when your team loses because they're supposed to lose and every win is a sweet surprise. When there are expectations it is the opposite. When they win it is because they simply have more talent than everyone else and when they lose it's the bitterest of disappointments. The only joyful wins can come in October and the regular season is both something that can't be overlooked and a chore that has to be accomplished.

Some bloggers put their season previews in an awesome book and others on a website. From Nationals 101 a preview of Nats outfielders. A lot of the focus is going to be on if Span can repeat 2014 and if Bryce Harper can breakout, but Werth cannot be overlooked. Guess who led the Nationals in OPS over the last two seasons. That's right, Jayson Werth. Heading into the winter of his career the man has been surprisingly effective and despite a career littered with injuries has yet to succumb.

In a bonus link for today Jayson Werth spills his guts to Adam Kilgore on how jail is not a destination where you want to end up.

Until Monday Natstown...

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