Good Morning Natstown 2/24/15

The best way a Nats fan can pair baseball with their morning coffee

It's always interesting to get the views of fans of opposing teams. My friend from Atlanta was up to visit for this weekend and into today and while he was here he told me he felt sorry for us because we can't win. The only success for the Washington Nationals is to win the World Series while the Braves are a joke and there won't be any pressure for them. There are no expectations for the Atlanta Braves and that makes watching them a labor of love.

I'm certain we all love the Washington Nationals as much as any human can love an every changing ever growing corporate entity in guise of a sports team, but watching this season won't ever feel like a labor of love. First of all because it hopefully won't be laborious but instead an enjoyable experience akin to watching a well constructed TV show or movie, and secondly because of expectations. On the nights they don't win social media and Phil Wood's post game show will explode with anger and disenchantment. It will probably not be from many of our readers, especially those that bought The Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual, Volume III.

I'm not surprised whoever wrote this for Fox Sports refused to put their name on it but here are five reasons the Nationals could fail. Seriously this sounds like it was written by @MASNCommenter right down to questioning "trading" away Adam LaRoche. You know your favorite team is in good shape when two of the things that can stop them are injuries and clubhouse chemistry especially when the main example of injuries are from last season when the Nationals won 96 games.

Talking about clubhouse issues Aaron Barrett and Jerry Blevins had a Twitter War over the Oscars.--Chris Lingebach, The Flagship

According to James Wagner of The Washington Post the Nationals have been impressed with how Roark has handled the acquisition of Max Scherzer. That might be how James Wagner and the Nationals read it but with Roark saying he's just here to do his job and him preparing as a starter it clearly means he thinks he's special and better than the other Nats starters. This smells like a clubhouse issue to me.

I'm going to stop with the sarcasm for a minute and that isn't sarcasm. No, I swear it isn't. I'm just going to give you another link. This one from Nationals 101 and about where Tanner Roark fits in the Nationals super rotation. As a clubhouse cancer. That's where. Sorry I can't stop. You might as well face it I'm addicted to sarcasm.

Nate McLouth was close to worthless to the Nationals in 2014 and this spring he's taking it slow.--Jamal Collier, Playing without a town labrum can be very beneficial to baseball players, or so I've heard.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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