Citizens of Natstown Welcomes New Writer

American University alumna and New Jersey native Alyssa Wolice joins Citizens of Natstown.

I am thrilled to join the Citizens of Natstown team just ahead of what promises to be a monumental year for baseball fans in the District. An American University alumna, I served as a political blogger and financial reporter before making the switch to sports journalism. I then worked two years as a production assistant for a local sports network before going on to cover the Nationals and Wizards as a credentialed writer.

Among my many favorite sports moments are celebrating Jayson Werth’s NLDS Game 4 walk-off at Nats Park, meeting Derek Jeter, and that time I bumped into Max Scherzer at a shopping mall just outside Detroit.

A New Jersey native, I now work full-time as a communications coordinator for the University of Maryland. You can follow me on Twitter @awolice, where—in addition to tweeting about baseball—I often ramble about my quest to run my first half-marathon and my feeble attempt at learning Polish.

I want to thank the rest of the Citizens of Natstown team for this opportunity and I look forward to all that the 2015 season brings.

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