Good Morning Natstown 2/27/15

Where it's always morning in Natstown and grumpy old men hate Bryce Harper.

Take age out of the equation and would people continually tell Bryce Harper to be more like Anthony Rendon? Rendon is entering his third season in the majors while Bryce Harper is entering his fourth, but every time there is a story about Bryce Harper it is mentioned that he needs to be more like Rendon. Rendon is perceived to be a quiet humble baseball player that goes about his business and does things the right way while Bryce Harper is the cocky brash youngster who talks like he's better than he's played.

Let me drop some facts for you. Bryce Harper was the most talented hitter in his draft class. Fact. Anthony Rendon was the most talented hitter in his draft class. Fact. Bryce Harper is represented by super agent Scott Boras. Fact. So is Anthony Rendon. Fact. If Bryce Harper plays up to his abilities he'll finish top five in MVP voting. Fact. If Anthony Rendon plays up to his abilities he'll finish top five in MVP voting. Fact. And the Nationals are lucky to have both of them. Fact.

And here is Natstown's resident grumpy old man, Thomas Boswell, complaining about Bryce Harper opening his mouth. He really should be more like Anthony Rendon saying he finds baseball boring and yawning in the middle of at bats. I'm sure if Harper did that it would be forgotten just as quickly as when Rendon did it. The actual point of the article seems to be that the Nationals offense was flawed in 2014, you know the offense that scored the third most runs in the NL and had a line-up full of above league average hitters, and will continue to be flawed unless Bryce Harper hits .300 with 30 bombs.

In case you wanted to read the Bryce Harper comments in their raw form Chelsea Janes has you covered.

"You either get better or get worse. So far for me, I'm focused, in every way, on getting better." It was this philosophy that led Max Scherzer both to the Nationals and to adding a cutter.--Tyler Kepner, The New York Times

By now we're all tired of prospect lists but here is one of a different kind as Bernie Pleskoff looks at a few Nats prospects that could make an impact in 2015. The first two are easy to guess as AJ Cole will be one of the first called up if the Nationals need a starter beyond Tanner Roark and could even get some time in the bullpen in September or sooner and Michael Taylor is going to be a more talented version of what Corey Brown and Zach Walters were in previous seasons.

Chris Johnson of takes a look at non-roster invitee Mike Carp. The most important thing about Mike Carp is what hand he hits with. Think about the Nats line-up. They have Span and Harper as their only two hitters from the left side and if Tyler Moore is the back-up 1B/LF then the only left handed hitter off the bench is Nate McLouth. The Nats have Danny Espinosa and possibly Dan Uggla who can hit from the right side of the plate against left handed pitching, but lack that true left handed threat off the bench. Mike Carp could be that guy.

Until Monday Natstown...

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