Good Morning Natstown 3/4/15

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee and not over lunch in the Mets clubhouse.

Lots of Spring Training news going on. The Yankees got one hit by a pitching machine and the Mets are yelling at pitching prospects for eating lunch. Noah Syndergaard probably told David Wright that a hot dog was a sandwich and that's what started this whole mess. Then there is Daniel Murphy who is against swallowing hot dogs of a different kind. The Mets are going to Mets and this is supposed to be the second best team in this division. People keep thinking the Nats have a chance to disappoint as they did in 2013. I've got news for them, the 2015 NL East ain't the 2013 NL East. The Nats are going to feast on this division like [witty pop culture reference involving food and/or drugs].

The Nats aren't controversy free but we'll get to that in a moment. I've decided that instead of Bryce Harper being more like Anthony Rendon that Anthony Rendon should be treated more like Bryce Harper. He's probably asleep right now from having been around baseball all day and we know how much that bores Anthony Rendon. The man exists in a near catatonic state until such time his services are required to either hit a baseball into a gap or make a spectacular defensive play. Rendon yawns during baseball games and has admitted he can't stand to watch the sport so how can anyone possibly believe he can be any good. I mean he hasn't gotten any rings or nothing either.

Speaking of guys that have no rings Dan Steinberg does what Dan Steinberg does best in his DC Sports Bog and brings us a transcript of Chris Russo saying dumb things about Harper. If you haven't got any rings how can you be a good players? Chris Russo has made an entire career of pretending to be the smartest guy in the room but just being the loudest. He has made himself a lot of money being wrong and indignant about it. I'll tell you this if I ever find myself agreeing with Chris Russo I'll know it's time to down a bottle of Xanax.

There were no Nats on Jon Heyman's list of most untradeable contracts which honestly surprised me.

Because everyone likes important research that helps us think about the game of baseball differently here is and article from Baseball Prospectus by Russell A. Carleton on the importance of managers and just how many runs their handling of the pitching staff can be worth.

The Nationals combine blue and red in a manner that has ESPN calling their uniforms among the worst in baseball. I bet ESPN would like the uniforms if they were lime green.--Chase Hughes,

Thomas Boswell doesn't have a monopoly on being old and grumpy or even named Thom and Thom Loverro proves that in his Washington Times column on how playing in a contract year will motivate Span, Desmond, Zimmermann, and Fister. This has it all for tired and lazy journalism. It starts with a cliche that's been disproved by stats and just runs with it. Loverro is far more concerned with being salacious than with facts and it shows. Just look at that first sentence and the scenario it sets up. Tell me please what GM would actually desire a scenario where every player becomes a free agent if they have a bad game. Mike Trout goes 0-4 with an error and all of a sudden he's free to sign but only for one game. That bidding war would be insane and no GM, in a sport that desires young controllable talent, would want it to happen.

And now it's time for your daily reminder to get your copy of the Washington Baseball Annual, Vol. III to get ready for the 2015 season! If you've already acquired your copy please be sure to leave us a review and let us know what you thought!

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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