Good Morning Natstown 3/5/15

Where we're okay with Bryce Harper wanting to win.

The reaction to Bryce Harper's comments on his reaction to the Nats signing Max Scherzer is never going to end. The topic isn't even all that interesting. What it boils down to is Bryce Harper believes the Nats have a very talented team, which a lot of other people think as well, and he thinks that this team can win and wants to be a part of that. So really all that Bryce Harper was saying was that he trusts his teammates and he wants to win a championship but because it is Bryce Harper that said it it is a big deal and a major issue.

From the moment Bryce Harper took the field in Hagerstown the baseball pundits have had a problem with him. It's a little crazy if you think about it and what it all boils down to is they don't think he had to pay his dues. He left High School early so he could get drafted sooner and make money quicker. Baseball is something that came natural to Bryce Harper and for some reason some people have a problem with this. These are the same types of people that view themselves as the guardians of righteousness when it comes to Hall of Fame voting. No one should care about these people's opinions, but people do. You're going to hear about how big a jerk Bryce Harper is when you go to the ballpark this summer and a lot of it is going to be from Nationals fans. Maybe someone should ask Tyler Moore if he wants to win a World Series just to see if someone fighting for a spot on the bottom of the roster has a different goal. I'd imagine the worst player on the worst team in any sport wants to win a championship.

Dan Steinberg brings us another transcript in his DC Sports Bog. This time it's PTI getting all upset that Harper wants to win. This talk they had is so full of cliches and hyperbole it isn't even funny.

Jayson Stark of ESPN brings us a story of the Braves new players not knowing who anybody is.

Also from ESPN David Schoenfield brings us a story on how the Nats don't like to shift. Really the story is on how the defenders do what the pitcher tells them to so if a starting pitcher wanted lots of shifts the Nats defense would do it.

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Until tomorrow Natstown...

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