Good Morning Natstown 3/11/15

Grab your coffee and donuts it's time for your morning stories.

Yesterday I had a little adventure with my internet provider. Things have been slow for about a week and when I got home yesterday nothing was working. I waited an hour because I was convinced the snow melting had somehow caused the issue but after that hour it still wasn't working. When I called them up they let me know my modem was very old for a modem and I needed a new one which was free. So I ran up the street and picked one up. After I got home and plugged it in things still weren't working so I called them again and they had no idea what was wrong. The last resort was for a service person to come out and we set up the appointment. Not two minutes after getting off the phone I noticed all the lights on the modem were on and the internet on all devices was up and running. At which point I just felt like sitting back and watching some old TV shows which left you all in the hands of James O'Hara.

I do want to add my two cents on the Span matter. It is my hope that Michael Taylor makes the most of this opportunity and makes it very difficult for the Nats to reinsert Span into the line-up. Michael Taylor has an issue with strikeouts but his skill set is one I like a lot more than Span's. If I could I would have players with pop at every position. A good defensive centerfielder that can knock the ball out of the park is a rare thing and Michael Taylor has the potential to be that. All he has left to do is prove that he can do 3/4 of what he did in the minors last year in the majors and he is going to be a special player for a long time.

Rany Jazayerli at Grantland writes about the Nationals brave effort to attempt to win 100 games in an age where it doesn't much matter anymore.

Not everyone liked everything about Rany Jzayerli's piece and Jamie Mottram took issue with his rehashing of the Strasburg shutdown. This isn't even the worst we're going to hear it. Imagine if the Nationals don't win a World Series in the next two seasons and let Strasburg walk. That will be peak Strasburg shutdown talk.

It's like Biggie said, "Either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot." And with half a billion in contracts on display when Scherzer met Stanton reporters like Jamal Collier nearly peed themselves in excitement.

You want some Spring Training stories? Matt's Bats has the hook-up.

Losing Cliff Lee for likely ever won't change RAJ's price on Cole Hamels.--Jayson Stark, ESPN. I love the Phillies. Really I do. If we could just take the 2008 World Series away from them it would be fun to laugh at them, but every time I start really being enjoyed by their struggles I remember they have that trophy and it isn't as funny anymore. I also feel bad about this because it is Cliff Lee and it wasn't that long ago that we lost the pleasure of watching Roy Halladay and now the universe is going to take Cliff Lee from us. I've seen that man make a baseball move in ways that defy physics and it was wonderful. Seeing a human being do the impossible is the true beauty of sports.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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