Good Morning Natstown 3/12/15

Every morning has a day and every day has a Good Morning Natstown

We've reached the phase of Spring Training where veterans are getting days off with injuries that wouldn't keep a toddler home from pre-school. Anthony Rendon was a late scratch today due to a skinned knee and now Strasburg is going to start in the B game because of an ingrown toenail. Give it another week and half the pitchers will have dead arm and the hitters will need a day due to sunburn. Other than all those "injuries" the big news is Tyler Moore and Wilmer Difo continue to hit and get people talking. Everyone reading this knows about Spring Training stats so I'm not going to remind you to keep your excitement level to mellow.

Working out is a great thing but it can have unintended side effects and right now I'm dealing with one of those. Not 30 minutes ago I finished a 1/2lb burger and it felt like I ate nothing, or more accurately it felt like I ate something that made me hungrier. This is the price of greatness and I pay it every day. The big dog has got to eat and each and every day this dog is getting bigger, badder, and better which means I need to eat more and more. I've also been re-watching The Wire which is why I'm writing in the style you're currently reading.

There is no real good reason why I choose this particular link of Gio Gonzalez playing the meow game from Super Troopers and you've all probably already seen it, but here it is from Tom Ley at Deadspin. You know these mid-game interviews are stupid and provide nothing of value and the players know it too, and while they are making a mockery of it this will only encourage them to continue as now the mockery is over with fans. It's amazing what will get over these days.

If you would like to read about some Nats infielders and haven't already purchased the Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual Volume III I invite you to check out

The White Sox have strapped a camera to Drake LaRoche while he runs around Spring Training. I'm certain everyone in Natstown realizes Drake LaRoche was the biggest loss of the off-season and it is too bad the Nationals never thought to turn him into a human dolly.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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