Good Morning Natstown 3/13/15

This is the story of a girl. Who cried a river and drowned the whole world.

Being a celebrity in America has to be wonderful. Will Ferrell decides he wants to play 10 positions in five different games and it happens, and neither is he the first or the last celebrity who is going to decide they want to play in a Spring Training game. This is exactly what MLB thinks of these games. They are neither meaningful or necessary. With off-season workouts and throwing programs how many games are really needed to get up to speed? Is it really a whole month?

I know teams have roster decisions to make but Spring Training stats are the smallest part of that equation. It isn't going to matter at the end of the day which left handed hitter hit better in Spring Training because the decision is being based more on career numbers and which one is more likely to opt out if relegated to the minors. The truth is the Nats and every other team have probably already decided on the 25 man roster and are just holding their breath hoping no one gets hurt during every inning of every Spring Training game.

Because we haven't had anything on Bryce Harper in a couple days this story by Mike Grimala of Vegas Seven details how Bryce Harper is Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Try not to be blinded by that first picture or by the suit Harper is wearing in the last one.

The Nats are projected to win the division by a lot of games. Jeff Sullivan explains what that means at

A little closer to home Williams Yurasko gives us a Nats blooper reel he found on Everyone loves bloopers.

You know what else everyone loves? Prospects and when a prospect hits in Spring Training he becomes a darling and Wilmer Difo has done just that. Teddy Cahill of caught up with Difo and asked him three very important questions. Wilmer Difo has dealing with the media down.

Have you seen this man?

Until Monday Natstown...

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