Good Morning Natstown 3/16/15

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.--Semisonic

The Washington Nationals are dropping like flies. Friday morning it was announced that Anthony Rendon had a sprained MCL and Friday evening we learned that Drew Storen had surgery to remove the hamate bone from his non-throwing hand. I'm not that concerned about Storen's injury as it is his non-throwing hand, he is a relief pitcher and regaining power in his swing is not a big concern, and just because he wears a glove doesn't mean he ever has to use it. The Rendon news is far more concerning. The Nationals are downplaying it as they should but replace MCL with UCL and see if that sprain doesn't suddenly seem a lot worse.

Still I don't know what any of this injury stuff means. I'm not a doctor nor do a I play one on Tinder so I won't even try and speculate one something I have no information on or knowledge about. One of my pet peeves is when baseball fans start to speculate about injuries because their Aunt Sally once had a sprained MCL and then died two weeks later at the beauty parlor or some such nonsense. When Opening Day comes we'll see who's on the field and who ain't and who's on the 15 day DL and who's on the 60. Until then nothing means nothing.

All Tyler Moore has done this spring is hit on the diamond and the links and reporters like Chris Johnson of are starting to notice. Tyler Moore could very seriously make this club. Anyone is better than Frandsen so it's going to come down to Uggla or Moore and with the possibility of multiple outfielders missing on Opening Day the Nats are probably going to take the one that has played outfield in the past. There are enough injuries at this point that a decision might not have to be made until May or June on which one they are actually keeping for real though.

We all know Fredi Gonzalez is a nitwit and the Braves are a show but here is a video of a motivational speaker breaking a cinder block on Fredi's chest. Even with injuries if the Nats don't win at least 13 games against the Braves it is going to be a disappointment.

The injury bug isn't contained to current Nats as Paul Hoynes of reports on a bad day for Zach Walters.

Nationals101 has some thoughts on the Nats injuries and the varying degrees of problems they pose.

As the perceived favorites in the NL the Washington Nationals are A-listers and James Wagner of the Washington Post details the strange ways they protect their moneymakers. Shake it baby, shake it is not one of them.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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