Good Morning Natstown 3/18/15

She couldn't quite explain it they'd always just been there.--Crash Test Dummies

Things are heating up at Nats Spring Training. Jeff Kobernus has been released and Jerry Blevins continues to struggle. The Kobernus release appears to be to clear a spot on the 40 man roster as he was optioned to AAA just last week. Sometimes a guy comes into Spring Training with a spot all but assured and that is where Blevins was but a LOOGY is a LOOGY. Of the roles in the bullpen it is the least secure and Blevins' struggles have opened a door for guys like Cedeno, Rafael Martin, and Rich Hill. Who knows if they can do enough to step through it. Blevins 2014 numbers were great against left handed hitters and it wasn't his fault that he faced more right handed hitters than he did left handers which makes it hard to say if enough can happen between now and Opening Day to cause Blevins to lose his spot.

Sometimes when I analyze players like I just did with Blevins possibly being on unsteady ground I get accused of not liking a player. It's not that I don't like Jerry Blevins. He is a great follow on Twitter and all indications are he is a great guy, but judging him as a baseball player is different than judging him as a person and Blevins numbers overall weren't great last season and if the Nationals feel they have a better option they should go in that direction. I have the ultimate respect for professional baseball players. I know I could never do it. I lifted this morning and afterwards I felt like I was under attack by an invisible bear. Imagine doing a full workout, playing a three hour game of baseball, and then doing another workout for 162 days a year. That isn't easy and very few people on this planet are even physically capable of doing so and it is deserving of respect.

The best manager in Nats history, Davey Johnson, was at yesterday's Spring Training game and Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post has the story.

Owen Watson of Fangraphs is an Anthony Rendon admirer and writes about his base running skills.

Over at USA Today Ted Berg writes about the Bryce Harper deke and why he should do it again. No crazy old people have gotten a hold on this to give it a scorching hot take, but it started on Twitter when the other side heated up the take on Matt Williams disagreeing. You just know one of the people who dislike Harper no matter what he does is going to flame him for this. It is their destiny.

We have a new segment starting today that's going to be pretty cool. Keep an eye on the site around 10.

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