Good Morning Natstown 3/20/15

They think that your early ending was all wrong.--Filter

The injured Nats players are all on the comeback trail. Jayson Werth and Yunel Escobar will be playing in B games, Rendon is running, and Storen is throwing. It is all so exciting. It was just this week that some Nats fans decided to get all dejected about the injuries and declare that none of these players would be ready for Opening Day and not much later they are all suddenly on the comeback trail with a timeline that puts them on the field on April 6, and keep in mind the Nationals are playing the Mets. They might be the second best team in the NL East but the NL east is a laughable division this season.

Think about it for a second. Think about the other divisions and who the second best teams are in those divisions. Are the Mets or Marlins better than the Cubs and Pirates? Are the Mets and Marlins better than the World Series Champion Giants or the Padres? They aren't. The second and third best teams in the NL East aren't even a Wild Card contender. If everything breaks right for either the Mets or Marlins they could sneak into the playoffs, but that doesn't make them a strong contender against the Nationals. This isn't 2013 were the Braves were also a really good team and it wasn't an upset when they won the division. For the Nationals to lose the division this season it means something went very, very wrong.

Click on this link. Now go grab $10, get in your car, and drive to York, Pa so that Ryan Howard can be banished to the Atlantic League. You know you want it to happen and you've wasted $10 on much worse.

When we link to the DC Sports Bog it's because someone somewhere said something negative about Bryce Harper and this time Scott Allen gives us the results of a players' poll that named Bryce Harper the most overrated player in baseball.

Here is The Nats Blog to bring us the implications of releasing Kobernus. None. It's none. Kobernus was a fun player but he is eminently replaceable and younger and more talented players have passed him on the depth chart, and don't forget the unstoppable Clint Robinson.

Way back in 2007 Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals invited 4,000 pitchers to Spring Training and Barry Svrluga of The Washington Post brings us the obvious story that things are much better in 2015.

Sticking with The Washington Post Chelsea Janes tells us about new Nats Assistant GM Bob Miller and how his knowledge of the rules helped the Nats nab Trea Turner.

Our Every Nats Game A Story project continued yesterday with my story of That Chick. Have a story of your own you'd like to tell? Here's how you can contribute.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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