Good Morning Natstown 3/24/15

But she doesn't know who I am and she doesn't give a damn about me.--Wheatus

The biggest news out of Spring Training yesterday was Heath Bell getting released. Well, it was for someone. Heath Bell joins the list of all the Spring Training superstars that only appeared in a Nats uniform in Spring Training and then slipped through the cracks of time. There will be no evidence on Baseball-Reference or Fangraphs that these players ever existed as Nats, and if it isn't on Baseball-Reference did it really happen?

The real news items were Anthony Rendon isn't progressing as the Nats thought he would and needs more rest. Opening Day is now in question for him, but he got sore swinging a bat so he was trying to start baseball activities. Who knows how much rest he needs. My elbow felt like the UCL was about to pop out of it yesterday morning but it was all good by last night. I am not a professional athlete by any stretch of the imagination but a body part needing rest doesn't mean it needs a lot of rest. Anthony Rendon could be fine later on today or never see an inning of baseball for the 2015 Nats. Knee injuries are weird. Especially when dealing with ligaments.

The Washington Nationals want to hit you with a bat.

Max Scherzer has lots of people excited, including Mike Rizzo.

The Nationals Review ranks all the position players in the NL East. As you can imagine the Nats fared well.

Joe Capozzi from The Palm Beach Post highlights how the Nats and Astros new Spring Training home is going to be a regular Mount Trashmore.

In dueling profiles of Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto The USA Today's Bob Nightengale tells us how Brandon Phillips has no use for OBP and Joey Votto none for RBI. Brandon Phillips is just afraid that if he gets on base too much he'll be trapped in wormhole.

On Saturday we recorded our 2015 Preseason Podcast Extravaganza with the newest Citizen, Alyssa Wolice, and Ryan Sullivan from It's also available on iTunes.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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