Good Morning Natstown 3/25/15

Everybody's in the car, so come on, let's ride--Lou Bega

I just remembered that I had to write this. I ventured out to Wal-Mart today and was once again reminded that those types of people exist in Northern Virginia and since I was in Wal-Mart, by my own design, I'm not certain I have room to talk, but I saw a person with a face tattoo. I was also tank top shopping which gives me even less room to talk about the people of Wal-Mart. The fact is I didn't find one I liked but I made the mistake of mentioning this to Glorious Leader and he said I had to get a Suns Out, Guns Out tank top and I agreed if he would get my Popeyes when next we record. So, I now own a Suns Out, Guns Out tank top purchased at Wal-Mart.

As far as the Nationals go they didn't have a game today and no one got any healthier or more injured. Really the peak of boring days. We are nearing the end of Spring Training, half the roster is hurt, and there wasn't a game. Nothing is the most we could have reasonably expected to happen. And that is all I have to say about that.

Rafael Martin has virtually no shot at making the Nationals bullpen out of Spring Training but that doesn't mean you should forget about him as James Wagner of the Washington Post writes. Someone is going to get injured in the bullpen at some point and having minor league depth is never a problem.

You're not going to want to touch the screen while reading this take on Matt Williams from Nationals 101 because it's scorching hot. In all sincerity what he sees as a flaw in Matt Williams, his rigidity, I see as a plus. Davey Johnson liked the rubber stamp line-up and to let his players play and that, in my opinion, is how a manager should manage. A month into the season I was complaining about Span leading off but Williams wouldn't move him out of that spot and then Span rebounded to his mean and guess who looked like an idiot. I'm also convinced that if Harper was healthy and produced he would have eventually hit higher in the line-up, but he ended up batting sixth for most of the season because he hit more like a sixth hitter for most of the season. It wasn't until the last six weeks are so that what could be called the real Bryce Harper even showed up. I have no issue with a manager being the silent guiding hand. Also some of the complaints are things that even Matt Williams realized Matt Williams shouldn't do and stopped two months into the season. The manager that finished the regular season was not the one that started it. Matt Williams learned a lot in his first season and hopefully he continues to do that moving into year two.

Natstradamus theorizes that maybe the TJS time bomb in Jordan Zimmermann and Stephan Strasburg's elbows is why the Nats will go with Scherzer over them.

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Until tomorrow Natstown...

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