Good Morning Natstown 3/26/15

I don't envy you. I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one.--Meredith Brooks

Whenever there is even a minor issue with the Nationals radio discussion is going to bother me. The mere thought that Werth and Rendon could miss Opening Day means they are probably out for most of the season or at least all of April to people in the DC media. It is highly annoying. I can't get caught up in all the worry because Werth is already rehabbing and at this point it would take a bus to keep him off the field for Opening Day, and the Rendon news was that his knee is healing slower than thought and while Opening Day is in jeopardy it doesn't sound like it's going to be a long DL stint. Plus the Nats schedule isn't very taxing at the beginning of the season.

It never takes much to get the DC media to go into freak out mode, but yet every time they do it I have to scream at my radio. First the media wants us to know games in September count way more than games in April and then they want us to know that April games are way more important than the rest of the season. When you get right down to it I have no idea what one equals anymore.

The current Nats farm system is very good, but that is nothing compared to Jim Callis of's claim that the Nationals have the best farm system of the past five years.

Ryan Zimmerman is freaking awesome.

Why bother reading an entire Sports Illustrated article about Bryce Harper when you can have Scott Allen of the DC Sports Bog sum it up for you. It's going to be really exciting when someone takes something that Bryce Harper said in this interview and twists it out of context to make him look bad. It will always happen. It must always happen. Bryce Harper says something and the media uses it to paint him as a villain. This is the game.

If you like good podcasts from cool people then listen to Ryan Sullivan and his Nats GM Show.

The Nats invited a few people to the park Tuesday night and Let Teddy Win recapped the important details.

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Until tomorrow Natstown...

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