Good Morning Natstown 3/27/15

I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last week.--Len

The Nats are all injured, having a losing record in Spring Training, and that must mean that everyone has overestimated them again. This can't possibly be their year because Bryce Harper said words about how good the pitching staff was and we all know the Nats can't miss a couple bats for a sizable amount of time and win. Oh wait that is exactly what happened in 2014 and the Nats have yet to lose a player for a sizable amount of time. Who cares if players are ready for Opening Day. No one will care if at the end of the season Werth, Rendon, and Span all played in at least 135 game which is 35 more games than Bryce Harper and 74 more than Ryan Zimmerman played in 2014.

I wrote an entire thing about injuries yesterday and still had more to say. Nothing every changes with DC sports fans and it always annoys me. The average DC sports fan has only two modes and those are skepticism and full on panic. So a couple injuries that should all be cleared up before the season is 30 games old and everyone in the DC area is ready to write the Nationals off and hand the division to the Mets. Very soon we are going to have real games to watch and worry about, and even then things won't really start to matter until July.

Bryce Harper has never faced a pitcher younger than him and this caused the Cespedes Family BBQ to try and predict when it will end.

The Nats gave up their first round pick in order to sign Max Scherzer but that doesn't mean they won't be get a future stud sometime around July 2 because according to James Wagner of The Washington Post the Nats are very interested in Yadier Alvarez. This of course means they'll have to pay a big penalty and outbid other teams, but after the Max Scherzer deal it is hard to doubt the Nationals making a serious run when they want someone.

The really interesting part of this article by Sreekar Jasthi on is the chart saying the Nationals are the third biggest road draw in baseball.

Our ongoing Every Nats Game's a Story project rolled on yesterday with a story from guest contributor Jen Underwood. In case you missed one: O'Hara, myself, Sean, Alyssa, Matt, and Allen have all told our stories. Have a story you'd like to tell? Read this and shoot us an email with details. If you haven't already check out the Washington Baseball Annual, Vol. 3 for a great primer on the 2015 season.

Until tomorrow Natstown...

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