Good Morning Natstown 3/31/15

Who let the dogs out? {Woof, woof, woof, woof}--Baha Men

There was so much news yesterday from the Nationals that I've decided to change things up a bit and this might last through the season. The original thought with Good Morning Natstown is that it would be about 250 words from me and a couple links but on a day like today I could link to a bunch of people with opinions on all the Nats news or I could give you the opinion that really matters, mine.

The most important news is Anthony Rendon and that news just keeps getting worse and worse. Rendon was sent to see Dr. James Andrews about his ailing knee and we all know how that goes, but keep in mind Dr. James Andrews is the best when it comes to these types of injuries and maybe if Rendon, the Nationals, and all of us are lucky then he'll find the obvious answer that everyone else missed and Rendon will be back in no time, but most of the time when things are missed it is because they are very very bad. Just watch The Monsters Inside me on Animal Planet and you'll see exactly what I mean. Until we know what Andrews finds with Rendon then worrying about it is pointless.

When you boil it down missing Anthony Rendon for an extended period of time is bad, but it isn't the worst. I know, I know a lot of you reading this are missing Steve Lombardozzi right now despite the fact that he couldn't even throw the ball from third base to first. Wait, no one reading this is missing Lombardozzi and if you are you've found the wrong Nationals blog. What it looks like right now is Danny Espinosa and Ian Stewart will platoon at third base. It isn't going to be as good as having Rendon over there but Stewart has a .738 career OPS against right handed pitchers and Danny Espinosa a career .804 OPS against left handed pitching.

The other big news had to do with trades. The Nationals traded Sandy Leon to the Red Sox because Sandy Leon is out of options and anything they got back was better than nothing. The Nationals also traded Jerry Blevins to the Mets for Matt den Dekker who is a left handed outfielder. It now looks like den Dekker will be the fourth outfielder and that Tony Gwynn Jr.'s time with the Nationals is drawing to a close. den Dekker isn't a good hitter with a career .634 OPS but hitting is secondary for fourth outfielder's and while den Dekker hasn't played enough innings for his UZR to be meaningful it is a plus in both center and right and if a fourth outfielder can provide good defense then a team can survive an extra below average hitter for a game here or there.

Jerry Blevins didn't have a good Spring Training, played himself into a competition and he ended up losing it to Cedeno. Everything is almost set for the Nationals with Opening Day less than a week away. There are a couple other question marks including Casey Janssen who has tendinitis in his shoulder. I've had tendinitis in several body parts and currently have it in my left elbow and it is a very annoying thing. There is no loss in range of motion and you can do everything that you normally can but there pain to the level of mildly annoying to intense. As with any overuse injury the best cure is rest, but it can also be fixed with a cortisone shot. Janssen has pitched a good amount this spring so it is unknown how much rest he needs and how quickly he can ramp back up afterwards.

I think that's everything but I'm not sure. The Nats might make six or seven more moves before this posts.

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