Good Morning Natstown 4/1/15

Who's that casting devious stares in my direction.--Marcy's Playground

The funny thing about the Nationals injuries is that not one person has used them as a platform to campaign for why Ian Desmond has to be extended. That assumes that people remember that Ian Desmond is a person. Most of the talk around the injuries is how the players are never coming back and the Nationals will have to hope the pitching can carry them. It is very weird how missing time now is viewed as far more of an impact than missing time at any other point during the season.

Think about how people are talking about these injuries. First is the huge focus on last season's stats and how Harper and Zimmerman are considered non-factors because they are the players that missed a lot of time in 2014. It is very strange because just because Werth, Span, and Rendon were the team's best hitters in 2014 doesn't mean they are going to be the team's best hitters in 2015. The other weird thing is people are saying Werth won't be ready because he's only played in minor league Spring Training games and needs a major league game. If he starts the season on the DL his rehab assignment isn't going to be in the AL Central or something. It will be in the minors. If players couldn't return from injury without playing in a major league game they'd never come off the DL.

Now due to the Citizens of Natstown fantasy draft and my forearm cramping up this is all the writing you're going to get out of me today so here are a couple links.

Nats have the ninth best farm system in baseball.--John Manuel, Baseball America

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