Good Morning Natstown 4/7/15

Dear, I fear we're facing a problem. You love me no longer, I know.--The Cardigans

I'm going to warn you right now that this is going to be a rant. If you want to read one of the billions of game stories about yesterday's Nats game or the Kimbrel trade might I suggest you hit up a reputable website. Now that that is over I want to have a conversation about event mongers. I'm certain that you've heard that DC is an event town but it is never more obvious than when you go to an event. All of us baseball fans at Opening Day witnessed a loss by the Nationals, a loss not much different than hundreds of other losses I've seen. The offense doesn't produce and either the pitching or defense gives up runs.

Yesterday it was basically Ian Desmond that cost the Nationals the game, but it's only one game and you already know that. It won't even remotely be a problem if the Nationals win tomorrow and Thursday. They could even lose this series to the Mets and it wouldn't be a problem. The Nationals aren't winning every series this season. Sorry to spoil it for you. The real problem I had yesterday was dealing with people that had clearly never been to a baseball game before, and whose next event is more likely to be a Justin Beiber concert than another sporting event.

I left my home in Fairfax at 1:30 yesterday and made surprising time despite some traffic and exited off of 395 at around 2:00. This should have been pretty much the end of my trip as I park in the lot under 395 but something strange happened. All traffic came to a sudden stop close to the parking lot and despite the fact that only a handful of cars were in front of me none of them moved. I sat there for 15-30 minutes hoping something would change but it never did. Understand that I parked in this lot at Game 1 on the NLDS which was around the same time as yesterday's Opening Day game and was also a sellout, but the people at that game knew what baseball was.

This time I was dealing with a bunch of heathens who would next be at Nats Park next April. Opening Day is an event and DC is an event town. Add it up and you get a bunch of people who have no idea what they are doing bumbling around and making a mess of everything for the people that do. After quitting on my first lot I pulled all the way down South Capitol Street and parked across from Nats Park. This lot was more crowded than normal as well, even other sellout games, and I had to leave my keys and pay more than I wanted but by this time I was fine with anything. If I had been turned away from this lot I might have eaten the money I spent on the tickets and gone home.

And after leaving the park at around 6:30 and not getting home until 8:30 I kind of wish I had done just that or at least been a bad baseball fan and left at the top of the ninth. Getting home was an absolute nightmare. Traffic in this area can be so bad that at times I wonder if I have already died and this is hell. Yep, my version of hell is never ending traffic. I mean seriously there was traffic getting to DC and I still made good time. Getting home was something beyond traffic.

As far as the game goes it is a game I attended. I've attended many games since the Nats moved here and forgotten most. It was Max Scherzer's debut as a Nat and he pitched well. Harper hit a home run and I may remember those moments, but the game itself was just another game. It was nothing special or important and will go down in history as one of the Nats 60+ losses this season.

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