Good Morning Natstown 4/8/15

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life.--The Verve

Welcome back to another edition of Good Morning Natstown. Today I'm going to explain why I'm not telling you to not panic while telling you to not panic. I'm almost 100% certain that if you are one of my readers then you understand baseball is a 162 game season and more of a war of attrition than a fast sprint to the finish. That the Nats loss on Opening Day was just as meaningless and meaningful as any other loss they will incur during the course of the season. I'm also certain that I have to inform exactly zero of my readers that Ian Desmond is a good player.

Remember back to 2012 when Adam LaRoche had a poor Opening Day and everyone was ready to just release him. Getting rid of Adam LaRoche was just as certain then to fix the offense as getting rid of Ian Desmond now would fix the defense. Desmond is a good defender. Shortstop is the most difficult position on the field and we were treated to an example of that on Opening Day. Whether it was because Desmond just didn't trust Dan Uggla or that he was trying to do too much in a pressure situation we'll never know but give Max Scherzer that kind of stuff every game and the Nats are going to win a lot with him on the mound.

It's hard to say when it is no longer too early to start making judgments about the baseball season. There is the old GM quote that you spend the first third of the season finding out what's wrong with your team, the second third fixing it, and the final third watching it, but we're not GMs. The only thing we can ever do is watch. We can complain, but that's not going to change anything. Mike Rizzo is going to watch the Nationals making judgments until about a month before the July 31 deadline and then he's going to try and fix what he can fix during the month of July. All we can do is watch along with him and if we want we can try and make our own judgments on what the team need. Some fans find that fun. Other fans find it fun to celebrate every win and die with every loss and there is no right or wrong answer on how to be a fan.

All I know is the Nats loss on Opening Day didn't change my opinion one bit about this team and it shouldn't change yours. I mean if it does you're going to be changing your opinion a lot during a 162 game season. Ten games is still too small a sample size but dividing the season up into sixteenths is a better way to look at it. If the Nats go 2-8 over the first ten games of the season that is troubling. It isn't a hole they can't dig out of but it is still troubling and at that point panic is a little more warranted because I'll tell you if the Nats are 2-8 after ten games I'm going to be worrying a little bit. If I were to look at the first ten game of the season I'd predict the Nats to win the series against the Mets and Phillies, lose the series on the road to the Red Sox, and then win that one game against the Phillies giving them a 6-4 record in the first ten games which is still perfectly doable.

Again I don't think I need to be telling anyone that's reading this those things. I am the choir preacher of Nats bloggers, but I have a suspicion we all are. Who else would be reading a Nats focused blog other than a diehard Nats fan?

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