Good Morning Natstown 4/9/15

Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche comin' down the mountain.--Butthole Surfers

Somewhere along the way to the 2015 season people forgot that a small sample size of a non-predictive stat is as close to meaningless as anything can be without in fact being nothing. While most runs in baseball are scored off of hits with runners in scoring position the batting average with runners in scoring position is not predictive or an indicator of some magical innate ability to hit better when the pressure is on. The Nats are 0-10 as a team with runners in scoring position and just to put that in perspective Ian Desmond is 0-7 on the season. I can guarantee that neither remains the same.

If one were to only pay attention to the hot take artists on Twitter then one would assume that the Nationals lost to the Mets tonight and are now 0-2 on the season, but there is more than one way to win and the Nationals were carried by their pitching. Zimmerman hit a two run home run in the bottom of the first, Jordan Zimmermann shutdown the Mets, and Stammen, Trienen, and Storen finished the job. On a night with temperatures in the 40's and moisture in the air it is no surprise that it was a low scoring game. At bats in those conditions are not going to be comfortable.

Something I did notice in the game is twice Bryce Harper held runners to singles on balls that looked to be doubles when they hit the turf. Harper has a cannon for an arm and it has always been my belief that outfield defense should be measured by bases above average. Bryce Harper prevented Mets runners from getting into scoring position and that is important. Think of it in the inverse of a hitter stretching a single into a double. Every base has value and preventing a runner from reaching the extra base on defense is just as important as reaching it on offense, and Bryce Harper is good at doing both.

I feel like I should have more to say here but I'm just plain out of information to pass along without repeating what I said for the last couple days and what James O'Hara said yesterday. It is way too early in the season to draw any truly meaningful conclusions. The fact of a baseball season might be that until 162 games are completed nothing can be said about a season. It is always possible to say how a player is doing, but it is impossible to say how there season was until the season is over. Ian Desmond is in a two game slump at the plate and if this were the middle of the season no one would notice and the same could be said about the Nats hitting with RISP. It's two games, the Nats are 1-1, and it doesn't matter.

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