Good Morning Natstown 4/10/15

It's Friday night and I feel alright.--Montell Jordan

There is already news coming out of New York that the Mets have put the Nationals on notice. That by defeating the Nats two out of three times in Washington the Mets announced that they've arrived and are ready to compete for the division title. Way back in 2008 the Washington Nationals were coming off a victory over the Braves to open Nationals Park and took two out of three from the Philadelphia Phillies. It was a cute little uprising by the Nationals, but they went on to lose 100 games while the Phillies won the World Series. The Mets aren't as bad as the 2008 Nationals. The Mets are the second best team in the division but they put no one on notice.

think about it further. If Ronda Rousey were to fight blindfolded with one arm and one leg tied behind her back and then lost by decision no one would say she was put on notice, and that might be the only way she'll ever lose. The point is the Mets beat a Nationals team missing three starting position players and still needed three errors by Ian Desmond that led to six unearned runs. The Mets beat up a cripple with a steel chair and are proud of it. This is who the Mets are. This is how far a once proud franchise has fallen. They're willing to take any table scraps the Nationals feed them. The Mets and Nationals face off again at the end of April and by then the Nationals will have Werth and Span back and while even two series won't prove anything in the season series the Nationals will be much closer to full strength.

Because the Nationals started the season 1-2 and Strasburg gave up unearned runs following an error a lot of people were infected with Thom Loverro disease. This is a serious medical condition and those spitting hot takes should seek medical attention immediately. It was comically stupid when Loverro said Scherzer lacked the mental fortitude to overcome errors behind him and the same goes when it is said about Strasburg. The BABIP gods were not on Strasburg's side. He didn't have his best stuff but he also didn't pitch poorly. There was a lot of weak contact that fell in at inopportune times. I'm certain we'll re-visit Strasburg's season once every five days.

No one should be panicking right now and if you do see someone panicking ignore them. Treat those panicking over baseball three games into the season as you would treat a person on the sidewalk screaming that the end is near. These people are crazy and should be ignored. The problem is some of these people that will panic are paid to talk about sports, but I'm half convinced that that is there job. The modern media gets far more attention for being stupid than they do for being right so it is much easier to make money and get attention by being stupid.

Ryan Zimmerman has something in common with Miguel Cabrera other than being a third baseman that moved to first.

Fangraphs also writes about Ian Desmond's defense.

The Washington Nationals are a horde of savages that will conquer everything from here to the ocean, but won't cross the ocean.

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