Good Morning Natstown 4/14/15

If you came for panic and hot takes you're in the wrong place.--Ancient saying of unknown origin

The Nats are not playing good baseball. In fact they are playing terrible baseball. This happens in the sport of baseball. Good and even great baseball teams have bad stretches. Believe it or not it happened to the Nationals in 2012 and 2014. I understand why some fans would panic. Some people that watch sports tie their emotions into how their favorite sports teams play and have few other hobbies. I do not have this issue. I get emotional about very little but I also have things to do when the game is going poorly. Daredevil was just released on Netflix and I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched so far. I've also been re-watching some old HBO shows like The Wire and Oz. If you don't like watching the Nats play baseball then don't. Watch a movie, tv show, read a book, or spend time with family and friends. There are lots of things to do and with the weather turning nice you could even go outside.

At this point you might think I'm being condescending but I'm not. When the Nats weren't playing well in 2014 I went hiking in the evenings. It was enjoyable and loads of fun and when the Nats were playing well I watched them on TV or listened to them on the radio and that was loads of fun. If the Nats current play annoys you and makes you not want to watch then don't. It won't make you any less of a fan and the Nationals will still be here until at least September and probably beyond that. This is still a very good team and you might not believe me when I say this but they're going to end up with a good record by season's end.

If you want to laugh then check out Twitter when Matt Williams makes a decision and I mean literally any decision. People yesterday were criticizing Matt Williams for starting his left fielder in left field. Jayson Werth didn't play a single game in Spring Training and needs reps. He is the left fielder for the 2015 Nats and needs to play in left field. Werth doesn't have the range that he used to and isn't going to be a good defensive left fielder, and I just typed the phrase good defensive left fielder. Seriously folks, he's in the lineup for his bat. That doesn't stop people from being angry that the left fielder was playing left field and the manager wrote his name on the lineup card. Yesterday we discussed Matt Williams' bullpen management and how he can do no right there. Well now it looks like he can do no right in filling out his lineup card. Maybe people can start criticizing Matt Williams for how he hands the lineup card to the ump.

The long and the short of it is the Nationals need to play better, and they will. The offensive and defensive numbers are just too poor to continue. This all sounds like early 2013 and we were right about that time but the run just came too late. The Nationals have Werth back. Will get Span back in a couple weeks and some of the hitters that are struggling can't possibly continue to struggle to the degree they have. Regression to the mean isn't always a negative thing and when it happens for the Nats it is going to lead to a nice win streak, and if you don't have the patience to make it through the losing streak to get to the winning streak then do something else for a bit and come back when you want. Baseball will be waiting.

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