Good Morning Natstown 4/16/15

Another morning, another dose of awesome.--Old family saying.

The Washington Nationals might be coming off a 10-5 victory with the bats showing signs of life and the team averaging 6.25 runs a game over their last four games, but they are still 3-6. I know what you're thinking and what we've told you about it still being early but some people would like you to stop thinking it is early and panic more. Instead of doing that I have conducted a deeply scientific study in order to determine when it is no longer still early and I've pinpointed it to precisely 3:06 PM Greenwich Mean Time on June 20.

You might be wondering how scientific this study was and I could show you my notes and live animal testing results but instead of doing that I'll share my initial theories. First off June 20 is one day before the summer solstice on June 21 which means it isn't quite summer but it also isn't really spring either. It is in that weird in between time that everyone calls summer but really isn't summer. June 20 is also close to July which will be the fourth month of the baseball season and since there are only six months in the baseball season June would still be in the first half of the baseball season, but late June is close to the mid-point and when you’re in the middle you're not near the beginning and being at the beginning is another way of it still being early.

Another important thing that happens in early July is the All-Star game and voting will be hot and fierce on June 20 with a good idea of which players are deserving to be All-Stars and if we've learned anything from recent Hall of Fame voting it is that All-Star appearances are as important as actually being good and if we know who the good players are we should know who the good teams are.

Watching the baseball season unfold is like watching a sculptor chipping away pieces of marble from a giant block. Eventually a shape will appear but at the beginning it is still just a giant block of marble. Around June 20 we'll start to be able to make out the basic outline of the season, but the details will still be missing. That means it isn't really early anymore and it isn't late either. It is just kind of in the middle and the beginning of the middle is the end of the beginning. June 20 feels like a date where we'll have a good idea of how the season is shaping up, but the conclusion is still ahead. If the Nats are four games back on June 20 there is still time to close that gap, but if they're 10 games back on June 20 that is going to be a very difficult task.

Now that you're armed with all that scientific information you can let all your friends know the exact date and time of when it will now longer be still early. I'm glad I could help and hope you find this all very helpful.

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