Good Morning Natstown 4/21/15

So, how did you spend your night without the Nats?

The Nats did not play a game last night and because of this it is hard to know what to write about. The season is still too early to start talking about how anything is going. The Nationals starting staff hasn't even completed three full rotations (pun not intended) but they do lead the majors with a 3.02 FIP but are eighth in baseball with a 3.58 ERA. Both stats mean nothing, but the Nationals should be in this position all season. Once the defense comes around they won't allow very many runs at all. The defense coming around really all depends on if Ian Desmond can leave his error total behind him and play solid baseball.

The thing with Ian Desmond's errors is they aren't on plays where he is ranging deep in the hole and having a ball flick off his glove. These are simple plays where Desmond is dropping balls right at him. Desmond does this though. He has always made his errors in bunches and any day now he is going to stop making errors and won't make another one until June, or at least this is what we all believe. There is no guarantee that Desmond ever stops making errors.

Lost in all the worrying about Desmond's errors is the fact that he's gotten off to a good start with the bat and is hitting .314/.375/.451, and I shouldn't even be looking at that, but it helps to point it out. Despite the errors Desmond has still been a positive player for the Nationals. Looking at stats this early in the season is like sneaking porn when your wife is asleep in the other room. It is the forbidden fruit and you have to wonder is 13 games a small sample size when it's the only sample size we have, and it is. It is all meaningless and yet it is the only meaning that we have, and the temptation exists to look at the stats and try and making something of them, to try and find trends.

That is always the struggle with baseball. It is such a long season, but we need things to write and talk about and so we glance at the stats even though we know we shouldn't. Stats are dangerous at this point. It is the case of the man with a little knowledge. The picture is far from clear and yet we want there so bad to be a picture that we start seeing Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. There is nothing there yet and we have to wait for the stats to come into clearer focus. We have to wait for a larger sample size but it is so hard when that sample size is still months away.

For some reason the Nats have stopped playing Chuck Brown after home runs. This has to be about money. It's always about money.

Bryce Harper is displaying excellent patience at the plate. I realized today that if Bryce Harper keeps getting intentionally walked then Ryan Zimmerman is Matt Williams.

Scouts watch the game different than you. Here's how.

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