Good Morning Natstown 4/22/15

It's not like I was gong to be able to go to sleep anyway.

There is nothing like a good old fashioned walk-off to get the heart pumping, and last night DC sports fans got two within minutes of each other. Nicklas Backstrom won it for the Capitals in overtime and not soon after Yunel Escobar walked it off for the Nationals. If I told you that an inning with Harper and Zimmerman batting would end in a walk-off home run which one of those two would you have choose to hit it? That is the beauty of baseball. It can often defy logic, and this is no slight to Yunel Escobar, who has been great for the Nationals, but he's no Bryce Harper or Ryan Zimmerman.

The immediate feeling of joy after a walk-off win is a fun and special feeling. I'm very glad I don't have to actually analyze this game or anything because that wouldn't be as fun. This way I can just focus on the good moment of the home run and not mention Drew Storen's blown save. The average closer will blow about 5-7 saves during a major league baseball season. It is quite normal, but because Drew Storen blew that one save three years ago and didn't have a great playoffs in 2014 some people have already made up their minds. Every closer blows saves and this is a discussion we had when Soriano was the closer and we'll have it when Drew Storen is no longer the closer. It is a position that by its nature is not popular.

Good news everybody, Anthony Rendon is on the comeback trail. A few days after announcing Rendon possessed the ability to hit, field, and run he played three innings in an extended spring training game and will begin his rehab assignment on Friday. With the Nats on the road they might just hold him out until next Monday, May 4, but judging from the rehab assignments of Werth and Span it really shouldn't take that long and Rendon should be ready to join the team as early as Monday the 27th.

It will be fun to see where Rendon fits in this line-up. I'd personally like to see him bad third ahead of Harper but I bet Matt Williams will bat him second and leave Werth third. That isn't a big deal but I'd just like to see Rendon and Harper bat three/four for the next ten to fifteen years in DC. That is a fun duo and should be for a long time. The talk of Rendon possibly moving back to second base makes some sense if you believe he's a better defensive player than Yunel Escobar. If you're trying to maximize defense then you're going to want your better defender at the more difficult position.

Whatever level Michael A. Taylor is at he hits.

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