Good Morning Natstown 4/23/15

In a world with perpetual night this time the morning is for real.

This is why the Nationals signed Max Scherzer. Not really. They signed him because he's a really good pitcher but games like this are why he's useful. The Nats would like to get this series win and suffered a tough loss last night. Max Scherzer is going to have the advantage in almost every game he pitches this season. Michael Wacha is a good young pitcher, but Max Scherzer is one of the best in the game and unless he's facing Kershaw or Wainwright then he's going to be the best NL pitcher on the field.

Blake Treinen blew it again last evening and one would have to think it's the last time he's seen in a high leverage situation in a while. You'd think that a pitcher with a 98 MPH fastball would be able to strike some suckers out, but Treinen doesn't. He throws a sinker that gets hit into play and sometimes hit hard. After a week of not seeing high leverage work Matt Williams gave Treinen one more shot at it and now that might be over for a couple of weeks now. Treinen's role will depend on how he pitches moving forward but in my opinion he should have to earn his way back into high leverage spots.

While many list the Nats bullpen as an issue they're 11th in all of baseball in fWAR, 6th in FIP, and 5th in ERA. The bullpen has done their job but the Nationals have played a lot of close games and because of this any failing of the bullpen has been magnified. If you look at individual relievers Treinen and Xavier Cedeno are the only ones that have really struggled and one was recently traded to the Dodgers for cash considerations.

Without Tyler Clippard and with the injury to Casey Janssen the bullpen was left in a bit of a mess and Matt Williams is just trying to figure out where everyone fits early in the season. The Nats should still make a trade for a reliever come deadline time, but it is going to be costly and a highly criticized trade and none of that will matter if it helps the Nationals win a World Series. The Nationals put a roster together to go for it and they should do just that in every way possible. Also I'd like to see Tanner Roark used for some more meaningful innings.

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