Good Morning Natstown 4/24/15

Another day, another opportunity for pain and suffering.

Welcome Nats fans to another addition of Good Morning Natstown. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I have something of substance to share, but I doubt it. In the land of hot takes or if Max Scherzer were Stephen Strasburg someone would be writing or saying that Aces are supposed to win series, that they are supposed to pick up a team when they are down and overcome all odds to win. In the face of great evil and greater danger a true Ace will stand tall and yesterday that was not Max Scherzer. He allowed the offense to fail to drive him in when he stood 90 feet away from home plate with no outs. A true Ace would've stolen home, but that is not Max Scherzer. And then with the Nationals only down by one run he distracted both Danny Espinosa and Aaron Barrett from making good throws and turned what should have been an out at the plate into two runs. Clearly Max Scherzer is an overpaid bum.

Before the season started the vast majority of people predicted the Nats to struggle through April without Werth, Span, and Rendon and they have but not for the reasons people thought. That happened the first week when the offense couldn't produce more than three runs in any game, but then that stopped happening and the offense has done quite well sense. A lot of people thought the Nats would finish April at .500 and there is still a good chance they do that.

This 10 game road trip is far from being the key to the 2015 season, but it would be nice to see the Nationals take care of business against the teams they should take care of business against. The Marlins don't have good starting pitching and the Nationals should win that series, they should also be able to beat the Braves, and the Mets have to return to earth at some point. I'm not hoping for the Nationals too do too much but a nice 6-4 road trip would be a good start. That puts the Nats at .500 for their next home stand and the return of Anothony Rendon.

Rendon won't help the defensive or bullpen issues the Nats have but he makes the line-up eight deep. Yunel Escobar has been a quality addition to the Nationals and having him in the lower part of the order will make this line-up much longer and deeper. Also not having Desmond bat second would be a great idea. Desmond is a mistake hitter that will make pitchers pay when they leave a ball out over the plate, but he isn't the OBP type hitter you want batting second. Ian Desmond is dangerous when he's after the tough part of the line-up and pitchers think they can relax only to find an Ian Desmond ambush waiting in the seventh hole.

It's a long season and while the Nationals have an under .500 record they still have yet to suffer a real losing streak and haven't been shutout. The 2015 Washington Nationals are going to win a second series at some point this season and it coule be in Miami this weekend. The only thing I know about the Nats playing in Miami is at some point Jayson Werth is going to hit a drive to dead center field and as it falls in for a double or is caught for an out he will look on with disgust at the fact that it would be a home run in any other ballpark.

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