Good Morning Natstown 4/28/15

Why did I call this thing Good Morning Natstown when we get mornings like this?

Yunel Escobar injured by a late Andrelton Simmons slide, Anthony Rendon a late scratch in Harrisburg, and the Nats suffering their sixth loss in a row. Does that about sum it up? Nothing is good. Everything is bad. The Nats can't hit, they can't pitch, and they can't field. This team is nearly impossible to watch. The game is over as soon as they take the field. This is the worst they've played since just after the All-Star break in 2013. The Nats might not be able to win on the field but they've beaten me. What was once still early has become too early because we have to watch this crap for five more months.

The Nats haven't just dug themselves a hole they've dug a hole and piled six feet of earth on top of them. There ain't no grave that can keep John Cash down but the Nats aren't the man in black and they are finished. This is it. It's time to start talking about the Avengers and forget baseball. The summer is over. We're all doomed and the volcano under Yellowstone is even bigger than first thought. The Nats have played so poorly I am hoping a meteor hits the earth and all our suffering is ended.

Look at what you've done to me Washington Nationals. I shouldn't care so much but you're my nighttime entertainment for the summer. I waited for six months for you to come back and this is how you treat me? What have I ever done to you? Why does Ian Desmond want to hurt me with his errors? The Nats make me sad and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Hope is dead and the Washington Nationals killed it.

One of the big issues is that the Nats got healthy at the wrong time. That sounds funny, and Werth has hit better than Tyler Moore, but Span took the place of one of the few productive bats the Nats had. The Nats have won one game since Michael Taylor went to the minors and that should come as no surprise as they replaced a hitter with an .814 OPS with a hitter with a .457 one. That doesn't help the line-up in the short term even if it might in the long term, but the Nats have played so poorly that it is suddenly looking like early is ending early.

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