Good Morning Natstown 4/29/15

An entire week without a victory. This is not what we were promised.

Editors Note: Obviously the Washington Nationals won 13-12 when Dan Uggla hit a three run home run in the top of the ninth, and this was completed around the 7th. Instead of starting from scratch Dave decided to let you see where he was at when the game looked to be another L in a week full of them. It's amazing what a difference a few innings makes.

It is hard to remember a Nationals game that at least had positives to take out of it. The Nats lost once again and A.J. Cole was not good in his MLB debut, but the offense scored some runs and Denard Span had a very good night at the plate. When Span gets on base the Nats score runs. That is important and it needs to continue if the Nationals are going to reverse their fortunes.

The one small thing went right in the game but it could be a major thing down the road but Blake Treinen continued to not be good. He throws 98 but has no idea where it is going except when it is belted into the outfield and doesn't strike anyone out. Blake Treinen is a weird pitcher and could one day be a good reliever if he could harness his stuff, but he shouldn't see a high leverage situation for some time.

The Nats have dug a deep enough hole that the division could already be out of reach. The Nats are going to have to hope they can grab one of the two wild card spots but they are going to have to start playing better in order to do so. Falling further and further behind isn't going to get it done. It feels like I'm always saying the same thing everyday, continuing to repeat myself with no real direction. The Nationals have to play better. This is the most obvious thing about the team. It is so bad it might make sense to make one of the coaches a sacrifice and I'm hoping the Nats go completely off script and fire the first base coach instead of the hitting coach or manager.

There are plenty of issues with the 2015 Washington Nationals but so many players are playing below their career numbers that a regression is coming. It still might not be enough. It is early, but this is a hole and the Nationals have to get out of it and the first step to getting out of any hole is to stop digging.

The Nats aren't doomed.

Here's what's wrong with them.

The DH is coming to the NL. Accept it.

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