Good Morning Natstown 4/30/15

26 runs in two games. Is this real or am I still dreaming?

I really have no idea what is going on. The Washington Nationals offense is suddenly beyond hot, absolutely blazing. I think they lost the bats, couldn't score, started using molten iron rods, and scored a ton. This is a bit insane. Now the Washington Nationals need to take out the New York Mets. They didn't play well the last time they met, but a four game series is a good way to make up a lot of ground quickly.

Depending on the outcome of tomorrow's game the Washington Nationals will either be three or five games under .500 for the month of April. Keep in mind that the 2014 Nationals were four games under .500 for the month of May. Everything is amplified this early in the season and the current record is not going to be the final record. That is literally impossible. The Nationals have a lot of time to climb their way up the rankings and taking a series against the Braves is a good start. Now they just need to do it again.

In other news Anthony Rendon was out of the lineup in Harrisburg again. The clock is ticking on his rehab assignment and it is starting to look like all 25 days are going to be needed. Rendon developed a new injury in his side and hopefully it is not an oblique. Rizzo and Williams are always optimistic about injuries so it is hard to tell exactly what is going on and hopefully it is a minor thing and Rendon is back in the Harrisburg lineup soon. The Nationals may have scored 26 runs in two games but they could still use Anthony Rendon's bat.

Bryce Harper is having himself a start to the 2015 season. If he can keep this up for the entire season he is going to be a serious MVP candidate. It is great to see him getting on base and driving the ball. Lots of people would like to see him do more but those are people that don't understand that by getting on base Bryce Harper is giving the Nationals more opportunities to score runs. In baseball the game progresses when outs are used up and if the outs aren't used up then the hitting team ends up with more chances at scoring runs. It would be great to see Harper's power on display but in order for that to happen he has to get pitches to hit and that just isn't happening.

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The Nats signed Papa Grande to an MiLB deal. Somewhere Rafael Soriano is on a milk carton.

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