Good Morning Natstown 5/4/15

The end is not your only friend. --Carved on a tombstone in a forgotten graveyard.

Not that long ago the Washington Nationals scored 13 runs in back to back games and that was somewhat historic. Just yesterday they won 1-0 for the second day in a row and it was the first time a DC franchise had done that since 1915. The Nationals have shown an ability over the last week to both out slug opponents and to out pitch them. It is good to see because it means if one part of the team goes cold another is able to cover. The Nats remain under .500 and still have work to do to get back to where they want to be but taking three of four from the Mets is a good start and it was good they won that series because they won't get another crack at the Mets until July 31.

Next up for the Nationals are the Miami Marlins who swept the Nationals as the middle part of their six game losing streak. Immediate vengeance with impact on the standings would be nice to see. The Nationals will have the pitching match-up in all three games of the series but that has been the case for most of the season. The Nationals have been very much a baseball teams sometimes being hot and at other times cold. My hope is that this good pitching continues and the offense comes back around. While being able to win with offense and with pitching is good it is best to get both on the same night and win with domination.

The past two pitching performances have been exceptional, but I'm afraid the Nationals aren't going to win very many 1-0 games. In fact the Nationals in 2012-14 have won exactly four such games and have half that many already in 2015 and may not get another. It's far more likely that they score 13+ runs again than it is that they win another 1-0 game. The thing about winning with pitching or offense is teams can't just look around and see they're having a bad offensive night and say, "By the power of Grayskull we have the pitching," or see they're having a poor pitching night and cry, "Offense hoooo." Teams can't just turn these things on and off no matter what the narrative makers say.

It's good that the Nationals have demonstrated an ability to win with pitching when the offense isn't going and offense when the pitching isn't going and at some point they'll get everything going and roll off a bunch of wins in a row, but until that happens it hasn't happened and the Nationals just need to keep winning the series in front of them. Taking this series against the Marlins will help them catch them in the standings and could help them to continue gaining on the Mets. These are all good things, but don't forget what happened in Miami and don't think it can't happen in DC.

Mike Rizzo made MLB change a rule.

The Nats aren't stealing bases because Span just got back and Rendon is still missing.

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