Good Morning Natstown 5/5/15

It's always a good morning when the Nationals win.

I got to the park just before 5:00 PM because I was expecting long lines for the Livan Hernandez bobblehead. Not only is it a bobblehead of one of the most popular players from the early years of the Washington Nationals it also commemorates the return of baseball to the district. As I was walking up to the ballpark I noticed lots of other people that had the same idea, but it turns out the early arrivers might have been the majority of the attendance. The Washington Nationals had Livan Hernandez bobbleheads left when the game ended.

It's early, it's a school night, people have to work (like I don't), the Capitals were in a playoff game are all some excuses that we'll here as to why the promotion flopped worse than Felipe Lopez. The sad fact is the diehard fans of anything in the Washington DC are few and far between. I was at the Verizon Center earlier this year to watch a Wizards team that would go on to win the most games of my lifetime and the building was half full. People always call into sports talk radio and say the teams have to show they deserve their support and what they mean by that is they want to see the team win a championship and then they'll pretend like they were there all along.

The Wizards, Capitals, and Nationals have all been good to great over the past few years and yet all of them have had sparse crowds and waning support at one time or another. It is the nature of DC sports. I've live here my entire life and I know people are late to buy into anything around here. But then again there are people like us. We are diehard fans and our existence is the exception that proves the rule. It's hard to estimate exactly how many of us there are but I'd venture to say it is less than 10% of the capacity of Nationals Park.

Livan Hernandez bobblehead night was a flop and it was sad to see. It was a great idea for a promotion, but I'd venture a guess that most of the current Nats fan base doesn't know who Livan Hernandez is or care when baseball returned to the district. They are tired of watching this bunch of losers choke in the playoffs and lack the will to win. They don't pay their hard earned money to watch Bryce Harper walk. That overrated bum was paid to hit jacks and unless this team wins a championship in the next week or two they ain't coming to another game.

That is DC sports and despite living it for my entire life I'll never get used to it. The football team can spit in your face, kick your eye out, rip out your heart and eat it in front of you and people will always show up. They will never quit the football team, and that is because football is always an event and always a place to be. The Capitals, Nationals, and Wizards have to do something special to be cool and that is all there is to it. The average DC sports fan will always believe in the football team no matter how little they give and will never believe in the other sports teams no matter how much they give.

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