Good Morning Natstown 5/6/15

Where every loss is the beginning of another six game losing streak.

A wise man once said it is better to have had base runners and stranded them than to have no base runners at all. The Washington Nationals offense has struggled recently after being hot and now the hot air brigade is demanding consistency because every other baseball team scores exactly 4.something runs a game. The nature of baseball is ebbs and flows and the Nationals aren't unique in this. The offense will run hot and cold and on the nights it's cold hopefully the pitching is enough to win. Last night it wasn't but that won't be a big deal if the Nationals can win the series this afternoon.

As far as the pitching god Stephen Strasburg lost both his velocity and command early in Tuesday's outing and then it turned out that he was actually hurt. The Nats say it is minor but we all know what that means, Stephen Strasburg is going to be euthanized before any of the puppies in the Nats pet calendar. No one actually knows what this means because medicine isn't an exact science and requires tests and sometimes multiple tests to figure out exactly what the problem is and even then sometimes the return date is off.

Look at Anthony Rendon. He saw three different doctors that all said he had the exact same problem and that he should be back before the end of Spring Training but he wasn't because Anthony Rendon's body heals at a different pace than the average baseball player. The Nats have refused to even give a timetable on his oblique injury. Anthony Rendon will be back when Anthony Rendon is back and now it is hard to imagine that that will happen any time before June. Anthony Rendon very well might have Nick Johnson syndrome where he has to feel 100% in order to play and no professional athlete gets to feel 100%.

Nats with puppies.

Fister and Zimmermann's velocity is down and they don't care.

Matt's Bats on May testing the Nats.

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