Good Morning Natstown 5/7/15

We were Bryce Harper fans before Bryce Harper was cool.

There is really only one thing to talk about with regards to the Washington Nationals and that is how their presence at the Caps game willed the Caps to a 2-1 victory and 3-1 series lead. I know Bryce Harper hit three home runs in the game yesterday, but what am I going to write about that that you don't already know? It was awesome and there is a video of all three home runs on that is awesome and well worth watching ten thousand times. Bryce Harper is just fun.

That is really the thing about Harper is his bats have become much watch television this season. When he comes to the plate danger is in the air. He's the international batter of mystery, the man with the golden bat, and the one they call the next big thing. It will be interesting to see if after yesterday's performance if Bryce Harper ever gets another pitch to hit. He's been pitched carefully this season but he's also struck out a bunch and the book on him is clearly fastballs up. deGrom and Harvey have exploited him there but one of those is last year's rookie of the year and the other is Matt Harvey. Tom Koehler tried to pitch Harper up and you saw what happened. That is a dangerous place to miss and Harper is a batter that can make pitchers pay for even the slightest mistake.

The Nats other former number one overall pick has gotten off to a slow start and now has come up with a mystery injury that has been described as a rib getting misplaced and wandering up under the shoulder blade. That doesn't even sound physically possible. Strasburg does have a 2.77 FIP which probably means his 4.73 ERA is an anomaly and things will even out when he comes back from this injury which could be his next turn in the rotation since he played long toss yesterday.

Since the six game losing streak the Washington Nationals have gone 7-2, knocking the Mets division lead in half, jumping over the Marlins in the standings, and now get a shot to do so against the Braves. I would call for the Nats to just win the series but forget that. The Nats should dominate and destroy the Braves. Make them feel like they've just been hit by Tom Wilson. This is where the Nats need to turn on the jets and decimate and humiliate everything and everyone in front of them. We've seen what this team can do and now is the time to keep doing it.

Bryce Harper hit ball hard.

If you had Rob Neyer in the Harper's batting average hot take pool then you're lying about having Rob Neyer in the Harper's batting average hot take pool.

Nats watching Caps.

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