Good Morning Natstown 5/8/15

The side order to your maple cured sausage, eggs, hash browns, and pancakes

Nights without baseball are always a bit of a double edged sword. First it's nice to be able to catch up on other things but there is also no baseball to watch. I went hiking this past Saturday and Sunday and since my body has had the entire winter off from hiking it wasn't as prepared as I thought it would be. My legs were completely dead from the gym during the week and my feet were soft and weak. So now I have water blisters on a few of my toes. This has made for a very fun week.

With the off day there is also no new news to discuss and the hot take artists were too distracted by Tom Brady's balls to mention how much Harper sucks. Harper is just like Ovechkin, good at scoring but until they win a ring all their individual accomplishments in a team sport are meaningless. Look no further than the fact that the Nats had to fight off a Marlins comeback on Wednesday in order to win a game where Harper homered three times to understand the flaw in that logic. No one player or one performance makes a complete difference in a team game. Bryce Harper had five RBI and the Marlins score five runs. If it were only about individual performance that game would've gone extras.

Mark DeRosa steals Dontrelle Wilis' nickname to tell you not to hate on Harper.

The latest Nats GM show breaks down Harper's swing.

Bryce Harper is good at baseball.

Bryce Harper would be a good strong safety.

Bryce Harper is a better hitter now than he was before.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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