Good Morning Natstown 5/12/15

If Bryce Harper is only two dimensional that isn't such a bad thing. Bugs Bunny was a heck of a ball player.

Max Scherzer pitched seven innings of one run ball last night bringing his season ERA to 1.99. The Arizona Diamondbacks were the team that drafted Max Scherzer and then traded him away for Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson, because when you have a young pitcher with a 9.6 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 3.86 ERA and tons of upside you have to trade them for two mediocre starting pitchers. Of all the bad trades Arizona has made this was one of them. Looking back at it it is almost worse. There was at least logic in trading a promising young starting pitcher for a shortstop or one of the best outfielders in the game for a third baseman and shortstop prospect or another young promising pitcher for a power hitting outfielder, but trading one starting pitcher for two not as good starting pitchers is weird.

Traveling further into Max Scherzer's career we come to Detroit and a complete opposite trading history, and not just trading. The Detroit Tigers have benefited from other teams' complete incompetence more than anyone. The Texas Rangers just sent Rougned Odor back to the minors and are left paying the remainder of Prince Fielder's contract while Ian Kinsler remains one of the top second baseman in baseball, but that isn't even the best move Detroit has made. In all honesty my favorite act of buffoonery that benefited the Tigers is the Padres drafting Matt Bush instead of Justin Verlander. It was such an obvious choice and they completely blew it.

How about this for a complete act of buffoonery. The Houston Astros just straight up released JD Martinez who then went on to have a .912 OPS last season. That isn't the end of it either. The Miguel Cabrera trade is one of the less appreciated terrible trades of the past decade. The Tigers were also able to hoodwink the Rays into giving up David Price for nothing. Then you can go back further and look at how the Tigers became a good team in the first place and it was because of other teams doing ridiculously dumb things. The Seattle Mariners traded Carlos Guillen to the Tigers for a pitcher named Juan Gonzalez and Ramon Santiago. Carlos Guillen in eight seasons in Detroit had an .842 OPS playing mostly shortstop. That is unheard of offensive production for a shortstop.

For whatever reason other teams are always eager to give Detroit good to great players for nothing. It is like Dave Dombrowski has a line into the brains of opposing GM's and always knows the exact right moment to call, and if they want to pass on a player like Justin Verlander in the draft or straight release someone like JD Martinez he'll be waiting.

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