Good Morning Natstown 5/13/15

When I agreed to allow the Nats to travel out west they promised me I'd never wake up to a loss.

One of the least understood things about baseball by most fans is that pitchers slump too. Baseball is about mechanics and timing and if one little thing is off then nothing works. Something somewhere in Stephen Strasburg's delivery is off. He hasn't had all three or even two of his pitches in any one start this season. The change-up has been the most noticeable absence but he's also lost his curve at times and become just a fastball pitcher and while his fastball is fast it is also straight. Stephen Strasburg's bread and butter are his off-speed pitches and those haven't been there for him this season.

If I knew exactly what was wrong in his delivery you wouldn't be reading this right now. I'm certain that McCatty and Strasburg are going to work on it and it will get worked out. Jordan Zimmermann had issues earlier in the season learning how to deal with his diminished velocity and might still be having those issues. He has started to figure that out but it's starting to look like a good thing the Nationals signed Max Scherzer because neither Strasburg or Zimmermann have started 2015 well.

Speaking of Strasburg's bad start it is weird how it has seemed to change the past. Before the 2015 season started Nationals fans seemed to understand that Strasburg was very good but under-appreciated by the media in 2014. He lead the NL in strikeouts and finished in the top ten in Cy Young voting. The media pundits for whatever reason decided that Stephen Strasburg was bad, despite being actually good on the field and so they kept telling people how bad he was. Now that he's off to a poor start in 2015 a lot of Nationals fans are looking back at 2014 and remembering it as bad even though it wasn't.

Now if you're a betting person I'd lay money down on Strasburg finishing the season much better than he started. Whatever kink in his delivery that's causing him to not have his off-speed stuff is going to get worked out and even without that Strasburg has a 3.47 FIP to 6.06 ERA and an insane .398 BABIP. Strasburg is going to regress to his career norms. Stephen Strasburg is suffering through one of the rougher stretches of his career but it will end and he will be eventually be the same Stephen Strasburg whose career worst ERA for a season was 3.16 in 2012.

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Brian Kenny wonders why Harper was ever polarizing. Seriously just look at what I just said about Strasburg. People think he was bad before 2015 because they're stupid. People expected Harper and Strasburg to both immediately be the next Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson and when they were both just very good players before this season people labeled them as complete failures. The fact that people are dumb is the answer to most of the world's problems.

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