Good Morning Natstown 5/15/15

The Nats only have one more west coast road trip after this.

These west coast trips are brutal and I'm not even trying to stay up and watch the games. That is the choice though. You stay up until late into the night to watch your favorite team play baseball or you miss the game and have to wake up in the middle of the night to find out what happened. What is real fun is when one of the games goes extra innings and you wake up at a time when no one should be playing baseball and it is still going on.

Everyone will be happy when the Nats are back on the east coast and playing in our time zone. It also makes a piece entitled Good Morning Natstown very difficult to write because I both have lots of work to do tomorrow morning and have to write something that is going to post after a game has been played and because yesterday was an afternoon game I was easily able to get in everything about that game. This is like Spring Training or the off-season all over again where I just had to talk about random stuff because no interesting baseball was going on except that interesting baseball is going on.

There is only so much we can write about Bryce Harper being good or how Stephen Strasburg should be doing better. It will be interesting to see how Strasburg pitches in San Diego but that will happen Sunday and you can read about it Monday. Until then you'll just have to wonder.

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